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closed #186442

Water Utility Billing Problems

607 N Grandview DR

Case Date:

I received a water bill with 19000 gallons of use and wastewater. That seems very high. I'm hoping the utility can let me know if there is an issue going on with my water meter.

closed #175710

Utilities Construction

608 N Kerry DR

Case Date:

A water main broke and was repair on Thanksgiving Day, 2020. The road damage and damage to my yard has not been repaired. When will this be done?

closed #174388

Illegal Discharge (Storm Sewers)

3607 E Hollywood DR

Case Date:

The runoff creek behind our home has been running butterscotch colored opaque. Noticed the issue beginning at daylight today. Storm creek only typically flows during a rainy period and typically, even during a storm, runs clear. This appears to be a forced flow and we're concerned about the content of the H20. Is this a known issue with Bloomington storm water? If not, please investigate. There does not appear to be any city of bloomington work going on in our neighborhood (Grandview Hills)

closed #169973

Water Utility Problems

702 N Grandview DR

Case Date:

There is no water pressure in our house. First noticed around 6:30am. East 10th street, Grandview Heights neighborhood (N Grandview Dr, between fountain park apartments and Smith Rd.). No leaks found, wondering if there is a main break or similar issue.