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open #188066

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Drainage ditch near the street in front of my residence has developed deep holes over the past several decades that I have attempted to fill continuously wash out. Could there possibly be in break in the water main? Thank you for looking into this matter.

open #187976

Drainage or Runoff

1119 S Graywell DR

Case Date:

Currently there is no proper rain water drainage on one side of the entire Graywell drive road. The road is eroding on one side since rain water flows over the road. Recently we had lot of rain as well and it has further eroded one side of the road. Can Bloomington Utilities install proper rainwater drainage so that roads don't need to be repaired again and again? It would be ideal if rain water can be discharged under the road. This will save lot of road repair costs. Thank you for helping the city with your work.

open #187972

Sidewalk Requests

2704 E Brigs BND

Case Date:

The tree/roots between the sidewalk and road between 2704 and 2702 E Brigs Bnd has caused the sidewalk to tilt and hold water. This will pose an icy surface and is difficult with my walker. I also am concerned the water will cause damage to my driveway. Is this something you can look into. Thank you. V/R Kenneth Crevier

open #187791

Potholes, Other Street Repair

207 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

I don't have a current photo but particularly since the utility work completed on this stretch of road the parking spots in front of the shops flood and hold water. The gradient actually seems to slope away from the drain instead of towards. As a result, we frequently have to bail out the parking spots to make them usable for customers. Flooding issues include the accessible parking spot, which poses a risk to the mobility impaired. How can we best collaborate on a solution? Thanks!

open #187631

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

711 W Graham DR

Case Date:

Hello, My home sits at the bottom of an incline where the water in the neighborhood drains onto our driveway and property. Every time it rains the water causes erosion on the property and flooding to our garage and yard. Not only is the un-directed water effecting us, but is also causing the road to erode where water is standing on the asphalt. As well as eroding neighbors propertys and driveway, which then end up in front of our home puddled in the street,(water,gravel,soil). A solution could be installing curbs and catchment drains in the surrounding area to better direct the water from causing more damage to ours and neighboring properties. Please feel free to call, email, or text. I am happy to send additional photos of some of the damage that has occurred. Thank You

open #187588

Blocked Sidewalk

100 N Morton St, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

When it rains, water sheds to the west off the B-Line and drops sediment on the sidewalk along Kirkwood. It seems preferable that the water would shed toward Morton Street where the storm water drains can do their job. The sediment deposit from the rain last week is still covering the sidewalk on the north side of Kirkwood.

open #187559

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

The water runoff from Sare Road travels down McCartney Lane to end in a very small drain that is not large enough to facilitate proper drainage. This photo was from yesterday‘s mild rain. At times the water is much deeper and standing longer because the drain is clogged. A larger drain needs to be installed or possibly an additional drain as well, further up the road. This may be leading to erosion of soil and possibly foundation issues and needs to be addressed soon. We are also due to have our road paved this year so the drainage would need to be fixed prior to that. Please advise.

open #187517

City Performance

Case Date:

The water company is a monopoly that runs itself like its the 4th Reich. They offer zero assistance or help, unless your unemployed and not trying to better yourself at all. If you just quit on life and being productive, then the city helps you. If your a hardworking man, that fell on hard times due in no fault to himself, that guy can kick rocks. His only option is to pay his bill in full or else. The water company actually put a lien for 200 bucks against a paid for home worth 225,000! My family has had 3 or 4 generations of perfect bill paying with water company. Just my gma, dad, mom, aunts and uncles have paid city of bloomington water for well over 250 yrs combined, and that garners you zero good will or even common courtesy. They can't even acknowledge they're screwing you over and be polite. They know they're the only game in town so they treat people like crap and it's not ok.

open #187344

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

213 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

See case #187164: Water is still flowing from house. The stream begins in the alley coming from the NE corner of the house, then moving south down the alley to Cottage Grove. The sewage water then travels east along the north edge of Cottage Grove to Lincoln. The sewage water then forms a pool on the NW corner of Lincoln/CG. The sewage water then crosses CG and travels south along the west edge of Lincoln until it meets 10th Street, where it crosses Lincoln to the NW corner of Lincoln and 10th, where is has formed a second pool. The property owner claims there is no water coming from their house. Please test the water for microorganisms and when the tests come back positive, inform the property owner of their obligations if they want to continue to rent out houses that used to be people's homes.

open #186905

Potholes, Other Street Repair

Case Date:

A back tire on my car was completely blown out tonight driving down High Street between Maxwell & Covenanter. The pot holes along that stretch are REDICULOUS!!! They were all filled with water due to rain so I couldn't see them and I almost lost control of my vehicle when my tire went into a deep one. My car was forced onto the sidewalk. I could have hit someone walking there! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO REPAIR THAT STREET!! It will cost me over $800 to get my car towed and new tire + installation. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION!