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Utilities Construction

2001 E Marilyn DR

Case Date:

The fiber optic guys are here AGAIN! The are digging and drilling through our property. They asked if they could take down some of our fence to do their work. They admit they are back because they did not do a good job BEFORE. Our issue - we are concerned of that these contractors will damage our property sewer and/or water lines and we will be the ones stuck to deal with the aftermath of repairs and expense of repairs. Issue 2 - We have no idea on how to communicate with these guys!! What are our RiGHTS! Can you guys help us out? We feel helpless!

closed #186541

Utilities Construction

719 W 7th ST

Case Date:

They had a water line or sewer line emergency at 719 W 7th and contractors tore up a lot of sidewalk on the South Side of W 7th Street in front of the house. Who is responsible for repair or sidewalk? This happened Thursday night and continued all day Friday 12/15. Contractor was Snedegar Construction.

closed #186299

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

1310 E Matlock RD

Case Date:

There is water leaking on the pedestrian path on the North side of the bypass just East of Fee/Matlock. I smell an odor of sewage when I pass through the wet spot on the path.

closed #186140

Utilities Construction

Case Date:

Substantial disregard for property keeps occurring with whoever is laying fiber on E. Morningside. Water main burst at 4021 E. Morningside Drive. CBU dug up my yard to do repair. Please confirm that will be fixed by CBU via spring planting season for grass, etc.? The fiber team, if you can provide me contact information for a complaint if possible, was driving their truck through my yard today again including over areas CBU dug, causing significant depressions. When called out when I went out front a few minutes ago, they asked "What damage?" before I had to point it out and they said they would fix. A truck remains driving back and forth in my front yard at present. I am tempted to call the police. They are beyond any sort of easement, which they are abusing to begin with. This is getting ridiculous.

closed #186084

Blocked Street

Case Date:

And apparently the workers of 186081 uReport have now blown up a water line in my front yard, as a neighbor sent me a picture of a geyser taller than my house. Great, just great. I'll survey for damages when home, which appear likely, but CBU is on-scene I am told. There needs to be additional accountability for the constant stream of contractors and their subcontractors constantly on property in recent years, with many contractors simply pushing blame that it wasn't "them" but their subs. This same group was using my side yard to store plastic recently, not part of any easement.

open #185897

Potholes, Other Street Repair

3214 S Coppertree DR

Case Date:

Hole opened up on street. May be related to water main replacement

closed #185340

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

3240 S Southern Oaks DR

Case Date:

Our toilet drains slowly. There is also a bubbling in the toilet when we run the water faucets in the powder room, the kitchen and upstairs. We noticed the problem with drainage on Monday August 28, and it has gotten worst since. There has been recent work on our easement to lay fiber lines. We are certain the issues for our toilet drainage are directly connected to the work done in the past few days. Please remedy our situation. We are not certain if we can run our showers and laundry due to the backup in our downstairs toilet.

closed #185315

Utilities Yardwork

Case Date:

My neighborhood located between Sherwood Oaks church and Jackson Creek middle school is currently undergoing placement of fiberoptic cables. I strongly prefer to not have this done in my yard. My neighbors seem to feel the same. It's already been done recently with Smithville (last year). They nearly hit a gas line in my neighbor's yard two houses over in our cul de sac. They did hit a water line in the yard across the street from us in the cul de sac. They seem to dig without much regard for our approval and preferences as homeowners. Do we have rights as homeowners to decline placement of these fiberoptic cables? I appreciate any correspondence. Ryan Niehaus 2515 E Caray Ct Bloomington IN

closed #185020

Biking & Walking

2680 E 7th St, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

Unexpected, unmarked angle in pavement within the 7th St biking lane. This is an addition to the pavement surface that is unsafe for cyclists. It is a hill that is angled for water runoff but not in the private property of the apartments. Not a city addition. Please make it level with the street. Thank you.

closed #184815

Line of Sight

Case Date:

Attn Barry Collins, hello, this is Robyn Griffith and I want to report Jessica Morrow, Doug Klyn, Morgan Gilreath and James Tussey for manufacturing meth on my property without my knowledge and pouring it down my toilet, breaking my new outside gas line, feeding me chili with worm vot and feces and theft of my US Air pay card and funds and Ernie Wright having my water turned off refusing reconnect all by criminal gang techniques. I need help please and thank you.