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Street Trees

2550 Round Hill Ln, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA

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Hi! One of the street trees outside my home is dead. We would love to have it removed and a new tree planted. I think the new tree should be moved a few feet over (a few feet east), as I think this tree may have died due to proximity to city water lines. Thank you.

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Street Trees

715 W 13th ST

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Last year the City replaced a dead tree in the tree plot with a service berry. However, the service berry is now more than half dead, including the main trunk. Can you replace it with something else? The City did water it all last year so I don't know what happened. Thanks.

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Street Trees

1017 E Sheridan DR

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There is a pile of debris sitting along the edge of the road. This is on the east side of Manor Road, where Manor runs between Southdowns and Sheridan as it crosses over the creek. This looks like debris that came from the creek, maybe during a high water time. It just needs to be removed and cleaned up.