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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2420 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

We had Weddle Plumbing out today to rod-out our main sewer line (due to slowness). He didn't find the usual root issue they normally do on our line, and when he checked the city sewer access, we found the main sewer water level unusually high (and at times stagnant). See image attached. It seems like the city's main line may also need rodding. I hope this can be serviced soon, before it affects (back up into) our line (again?).

open #181664

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

1639 S Sycamore CT

Case Date:

Sewage water backing up into my basement. I have checked all of my own plumbing (bathroom in basement; water heater; washer) and everything seems to be in good shape. I have identified water coming (in reverse) out of the drain that services my AC/Furnace. That sewer water then makes its way to my basement floor drain and exits. I have obseved that at heavier usage times (when 2 of us are in the shower and the washer is on) the drain is unable to keep up and thus water ends up on the floor of my basement. This has been happening for about 4-5 days now.

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Water Quality

1711 S Sycamore CT

Case Date:

For the past week, our tap water has a bad odor and it tastes bad. It has a moldy smell and taste. It’s hard to even brush your teeth with it. Our neighborhood has had a lot of utility work done over the past month or two. There’s been a lot of digging for cables throughout the neighborhood. Could this have inadvertently hit a water line?? Something has changed with our water quality. We would like to have the quality of our water tested please. Thank you, Cindy Cummings

closed #181242

Water Quality

2714 E Rock Creek CT

Case Date:

Systemic issue with water smell Sept and Oct (it's second year now). Is the city addressing it long term? Clearly, the measures last year didn't yield a result. Thank you!

closed #180456

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1625 S Williams CT

Case Date:

A small hole has developed adjacent to a wider area in the pavement that street crews paved over after a water main break several years ago.

closed #179847

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2313 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

In February a water main burst and was promptly repaired. The hole has been filled but complete resurfacing has not been done. When can residents expect this to be completed? Thank you.

closed #179493

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2414 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

The storm drain in front of my house clogs repeatedly. This is the storm drain on the south side of the street. Please replace the old storm drain grill with a more modern one like the one across the street. Today the water was backed up so high that it took me 5 minutes of work just to find the grill so that I could clear it.

closed #178598

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

2105 E Arden DR

Case Date:

While constructing the Bike Path on the portion of E. Arden Drive to SE Park, crews did not remove the heavy mats blocking storm drains at the corners of S. Williams, Greenfield & Sycamore Courts. When heavy rains appear, water flows into E. Arden Drive, oftentimes ponding in low lying areas. People often drive too fast on that street, causing hazardous driving conditions should they loose control of their car.

closed #178577

Water Utility Problems

2426 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

Returned home late from the hospital and found water flowing across the sidewalk between our house & neighbors’, near the water shutoff & sewer cover.

closed #177574

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1625 S Williams CT

Case Date:

A water pipe break was repaired and patched earlier this year. There is a small hole cracking and sinking the pavement adjacent to the patch. There are concerns this hole could become larger as winter approaches.