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Potholes, Other Street Repair

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At the intersection of Eagleson and E First one of those water access point covers has a hole around it, because the asphalt around it has been washed out.

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7040 S Rockport RD

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Animals (horse and sheep) being kept in front yard of unoccupied home without shelter from weather, sun and extreme temperatures. Does not appear to be water available. Small roaming area with electric fence. The horse today, is standing under the overhang against the house for shade.

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Biking & Walking

3193-3261 John Hinkle Pl, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

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Constant water obstacle blocking PollyGrimshaw multi-path. there is a water sewer grate nearby to channel water away.

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I need my electricity and water on

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3816 East Saint Remy Dr.

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I am writing you with concerns about work being done around the city by AT&T subcontractors to lay fiber optics cable around the city. Should you talk to individuals in several neighborhoods where they have worked there is dissatisfaction. The subcontractors have at times leaving large scars across the properties of homeowners for which they then failed to make adequate repairs. Part of our sprinkling system no longer works. One of our neighbors has a 30 to 40 foot long scar across the side of his yard and the subcontractors buried both the meter for his water as well as one drain pipe from his gutters (I am including photographs). In talking to the Hallmark Management Corporation, we are not the only homeowners association that has had these kinds of experiences. I have tried to reach out to AT&T and was given assurances that I would hear back from them in an effort to resolve the situation. I have never heard back. I know the representatives from Hallmark have also been trying to reach out to AT&T without success, Can the City help to reach out to AT&T and raise these issues. I have photos I can forward, but for some reason I am having trouble including photos I have taken. Thank you. Don Hossler, 812.325.7127; hossler@indiana.edu

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1213 S Brooks DR

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It has come to our attention, as mentioned by the owner, that there is an underground propane tank still present on this property. We are concerned about potential toxic effects if left in the ground. Please investigate and remove. We hope this will be removed to prevent contamination of underground water.

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1112 1/2 S Fairview ST

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Homeless camp with massive amounts of waste / garbage. Unsafe for the homeless and unsafe for ground water and nearby stream. Please address asap.

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2640 E Creeks Edge DR

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THANK YOU for keeping the path clear of leaves this fall. It has enhanced our walk each day. We also appreciate the two new "bridges" across the path where water used to stand. Very nice. I'm wondering if the southern most "bridge" will get a railing of some kind. It seems a little precarious for walkers who might lose their balance. Thanks for considering this safety feature.

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320 W 8th ST

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I left my water cooler at the UDO meeting tonight in city hall, against the wall on the right side of the room. When can I come pick it up?

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101 N Hillsdale DR

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Anthony’s Pets has open cages for rabbits, allowing diseases to be spread from rabbits to humans, or vice versa. Animals are left sitting in their feces with little water.