City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #73868

Excessive Growth

2315 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Grass. The house was torn down. Only the basement is left-probably filled with water. Fence removed except on one side.

closed #6816

Unsafe Buildings

2515 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Possible unregistered rental. Caller says someone lives here but his parents own the trailer. Windows boarded up, no water, holes in floor. I advised her that this may not meet the threshold of an unsafe structure and was not necessarily a rental.

closed #13062

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

805 W Ralston DR

Case Date:

"water turned off, septic failed, if house has occupants make sure Mo.Co.Health Dept. has inspected the septic or sanitary," needs to be checked regularly

closed #23903


403 W Graham DR

Case Date:

Trash everywhere. There is an old tire collecting water sitting out front.

closed #24559

Water Quality

600 W Chambers DR

Case Date:

downspout from a rental property at 600 ends at property line w/ 510, water runs off into 510 property, which is lower than 600,daughter calling on behalf of mother

closed #92986


2535 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

no notice left/(not on list, Larry) missed pick-up/trash; Had 2 stickers on each containers, 13 gal bags in can - is still out, checked for water

closed #99783

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2505 S Madison ST

Case Date:

TX from customer service re rain water in basement and garage. Sanitary sewer installation crew removed driveway culvert during construction in 1986 and did not replace apparantly due to sewer line location directly under previous site of culvert.

closed #36510

Unsafe Buildings

2421 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

Emergency vehicle personnel said inside of trailer is filthy -- trash, garbage, liquor bottles, windows boarded up. Water shut off since April 27, 2004. Hospital personnel reported problem.

closed #38254

Water Utility Problems

2312 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Letter states that water line broke and was damaging her property. Even though water line was not on her property, she repaired the problem and is now requesting reimbursement for the repair bill.

closed #103226

Water Utility Problems

2300 S Ford AVE

Case Date:

reported water gushing up out of street in front of home where we have been working