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City Performance

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It's not Lake Monroe. It's called Monroe Lake. Tours at the Water Plant for Lake Monroe Day Date: Sunday September 17, 2023 Time: 10:00a, 12:00p, or 2:00p Check https://www.visitbloomington.com/ or even https://www.lrl.usace.army.mil/Missions/Civil-Works/Recreation/Lakes/Monroe-Lake/ PLease correct to help support and create informed citizens. Thanks

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Water Quality

Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

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Nathan Dahm is seeking to end asymmetric post cold war Chinese %10 import Chemical Psychological warfare. I hope the city is making note of the court cases and or pending up coming legislation. More so after city employee David Parkhurst responded to my petitions as unfounded stating such water treatments standards are harmless and there is no difference between Calcium v/s Sodium fluoride. But then again he is amoung the fools who supported Huston South Project 2,154 acres of herbicide in the water shed for Lake Monroe

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City Performance

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I live in Maple Heights and due to the taste and smell of the water I have had to buy bottled water especially for my dogs who refuse to drink it. Also, my clothes were smelling bad as I don't use scented detergent or dryer sheets, so I have had to take all my clothes to dry cleaning. Where should I send the bill? I am not getting the product I pay you for!

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City Performance

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Mayor Hamilton should resign before he wastes more of the cities money. 800k to plant trees in what the urban forester said is an unjust way. (Environmental justice isn't justice) Over 1000 people said they don't want to be part of Bloomington, and after living here two years I can see why, but mayor Hamilton thinks he knows best and has already filed a lawsuit against the state. I can't find the quote so I'll paraphrase "people are asking what's best for them when they question is really what's best for everyone." That is a truly disgusting thing for any politician to say. Mayor Hamilton doesn't know what's best for me, or my family, and he never will, so don't try to speak for us or tell us what we should be asking. Take the money from the lawsuit, the trees, his own undeserved salary that's 5 times the state average and use that money for infrastructure instead of selling bonds and raising taxes. Instead of 400k to hang skyline obscuring triangles from the new 4th street parking garage, you could have hired actual police officers. Quit giving the university sweetheart deals on property and WATER! Why do I pay so much more than the university for water? They get 9 figure gifts, while I struggle to make 5 figures. Quit wasting our money. Quit trying to exert your power over people. Just quit.

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This woman and her red lab. Have worms she threatens me _/people to give us worms she has to have sex[to eat]i use bleach water /they let me. She smells bad and never cleans up restroom or toilets. Or every where she goes!I'm tired of it!its her responsibility to get it taken care of it no matter what its a society problem no a house pokes heebgie religion one.she is contacting me the shelter food at shalom everyones. Will you do something. This is not right corvid one thing but this is so grouse. It's illeagle!illegal! Is a public shelter. Not right

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City Performance

620 W 8th ST

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Do the new water meters finally mean we can be billed by the gallon as opposed to the present archaic system of thousands of gallons, which is exceptionally adverse to water conservation incentives as well as basic economic fairness. Please say yes. It's such an easy change to make. Even X for every hundred gallons is a vast improvement and perhaps easier to transition to.

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Parks & Playgrounds

1854-1898 North College Avenue

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The safety rail overlooking the water on the north side of Miller Showers is missing on a few feet of the railings. It's the north side by the 2 concrete face statues. This is a safety hazard and a child or dog could easily fall through.

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Parks & Playgrounds

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Ferguson Bark Park: The large dog wash area need the water hose repaired. It has two bad leaks and continues to worsen since it began a month ago. Can you send a plumber to fix it? Thanks!

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Parks & Playgrounds

922-988 South Woodlawn Avenue

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Hello, I wanted to inform the city about a standing and stagnant water issue in the northeast corner of Bryan Park - next to the tennis courts on the path there is a water fountain and in ground water meter that always has standing water and mosquitoes breeding in it. I've uploaded a picture and this was after 5 or 6 days of no rain. Addressing the issue will help reduce mosquitoes and the chance of illness in the area. Thank you.

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Parks & Playgrounds

Jackson Creek Trail

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water and mud continue to pool here