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closed #186472

Water Utility Problems

4219 E Sheffield DR

Case Date:

On the corner of Cabot Ct. and Sheffield there is some type of water seeping into the road from the corner of the street near a stop sign. Seems like a broken water line.

closed #184799

Parks & Playgrounds

4421 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

Water fountain isn’t on at Park Ridge East Park

closed #183784

Parks & Playgrounds

4421 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

The park ridge east baseball field is in need of repair. Request the infield be groomed and holes filled in. Water pools at the home plate. The backstop fence also needs to be secured so that balls cannot roll under it and into the street.

closed #177556

Water Quality

4509 East Blackstone Court

Case Date:

Water tastes and smells bad.

closed #177127


4325 E Weymouth LN

Case Date:

Please remove the invasive species--Tree of Heaven---near the water uplift station near the street on the west side of the property. It is growing very fast and spreading. Thank you.

closed #177073

Potholes, Other Street Repair

116 S Park Ridge Rd

Case Date:

Street needs repaved. Filed u-report 8/14/21 reporting same problem which was closed 8/19/21 indicating hot patch crew sent to area. Street in front of my property on west side of street and extending down to Saratoga Drive remains with areas of broken down and damaged pavement that was not hot patched. The patching is a temporary fix that does not last due to the poor drainage. The drain culvert in front of my house is filled with road debris, sand and dirt. After any significant rain, this collects water which does not drain as the culverts need repaired to allow for better drainage to the road drain near Saratoga Drive. The road slopes to the west which compounds the problem. Was told last year the issue with the water collecting in front of my house in the culvert was due to asphalt that was placed at the end of my driveway blocking the flow of the water. My driveway was replaced in March with nothing blocking the culvert now, and it continues to be an issue. I noticed the badly damaged road and culvert on Saratoga Drive was repaired thankfully. Would like to see the same kind of repair done along this area of Park Ridge Rd , however, the majority of the roads and culverts in the addition need attention.

closed #176984

Potholes, Other Street Repair

116 S Park Ridge Rd

Case Date:

Majority of streets and drain culverts in Park Ridge East addition need repair/repaved. There are areas on Saratoga which are really bad. Stretch of road in front of my house consistently fills up with road debris and water. Really hoping the streets in the addition could be repaved rather than filling potholes that end up re-occurrng due to poor drainage.

closed #176267

Illegal Discharge (Storm Sewers)

401 N Sheffield DR

Case Date:

As commonly done when the storm drain is cleaned they dump the debris into the yard which ends up killing the grass I was told that when they clean the drains they're supposed to take the debris with them. I'd appreciate it if they would I've been fighting keeping grass growing here and when the water goes fast if there's no grass growing it takes the topsoil. Thank you

closed #173240

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

221 N Sheffield DR

Case Date:

Water heavily pools and looks very muddy at the foot of our driveway and down Sheffield and seems to be very slow to go into drains when it rains heavily.

closed #172506

Drainage or Runoff

120 S Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

Water and debris continuously builds up on the west side of the street. The road slopes to the west side and there are no nearby stormwater drains. The closest drain is 1/2 block north on the opposite side of the street. This picture is directly in front of my house. The pavement at this site erodes due to all the standing water and debris and requires consistent patching. I have lived at this address for 16 years and this has been an ongoing problem. I have concerns this will only get worse as there is a new bus route starting in August which will be using this stretch of the road several times a day. I am told the road is to be resurfaced this summer however, without a proper drain system in place this will not resolve the problem. Thank you for your attention to this matter.