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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

2606 S Madison ST

Case Date:

three dogs are left in the front yard tied up to a fence and tree for extended periods of time. You can see the brown dirt they run back and forth in all day. I'm not sure why they neglect their pets. I am also not sure why they need to tie their pets in the front yard 5 feet from the street. The dogs do not have access to shelter, water, or food. They bark at every passing person walking by.

closed #166075

Drainage or Runoff

711 W Graham DR

Case Date:

Water runoff is still an issue. I have reported this before and it is causing damage to my yard and basement. This area really needs a sidewalk or curb with storm drains.

closed #182902

Drainage or Runoff

2626 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

There are no sewer drains for rain water. It all pools around my yard every time it rains. The road is worn down from trucks so the water just stays there for days eating away at my yard. I even see there's a line item on my water bill where I pay for run off water...why am I paying for it to just flood my yard? I've written about this once before because I also think a curb around my property would also help the problem.

closed #153797

Excessive Growth

701 W Ralston DR

Case Date:

Michael complains of tall grass and weeds, and standing water causing mosquitos. These issues are located in the back end of the property. This has been a problem since January. Please see written report.

closed #177888

Excessive Growth

2304 S Ford AVE

Case Date:

Home owner has excessive growth in back yard. Home owner also has two untreated, unfiltered, and un-serviced pits in the back yard that fill with rain water and are left standing. Referred to as "ponds". This has caused an increase in critters and bugs in the area. I would like this request to remain anonymous please...

closed #162284


2431 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

abandon residence entered by homeless, no electricity, water, heat graffiti on exterior of building. unable to find current owner via Monroe county GIS to request clean up and to secure building doors and windows broken into i am sure that soon it will become a health issue it already is a eye sore to to the area, now that it has been tagged by graffiti it is a open invitation to vandals to spread throughout the area i would like to request that the owners be required to clean up the area

closed #187155


2304 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

We had to move due to our rental, not having heat or running water. The hot water heater went out, as well as the heater. Landlord refused to fix. The landlord was notified, and the response was for us to fix it.

closed #182211

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2626 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

the road wrapping around my house (when bryan street meets Watson) is so worn down that when it rains, the water doesn't run off to the two sewer holes across the road, but directly back into my yard. It's been eating away at my yard. Also cars have now assumed the road is wider and cutting harder, also making my yard smaller. A neighbor said this is the place to request maybe a curb and the road repaved so water flows where it's supposed to. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

closed #165851

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2311 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Hi, I'd like to report a sewer problem. There is a steady stream of water flowing out of a manhole. It leaks across the sidewalk and then onto Rogers where it flows into the storm sewer drain. It's on the northeast corner at the intersection of South Rogers and Coolidge. I just wanted to alert the utilities department about the issue. Thanks.

closed #169135

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2317 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

The small storm water drain at the bottom of the hill on the Southwest corner of Coolidge and Bryan often gets clogged and our home at 2317 S. Bryan St. ends up collecting the water and trying to manage it in our driveway, which ends up in flooding in our driveway, our garage, on our back deck, and in the basement.