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Utilities Yardwork

2611 N Dunn ST

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The water department dug this hole in my yard along with another huge hole earlier this summer. The other was filled and reseeded but this never was.

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Water Utility Problems

411 E Saville AVE

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We hired Arnolds Asphalt to put a driveway in and in the process of preparation, they found standing water where the meter is. Before we proceed with the driveway, I believe we need to have someone from the Bloomington city utilities department to inspect this to make sure there are no issues before new blacktop goes over it with a protective sleeve. We were notified after a fire about 2 or 3 years ago that there was a leak and there was standing water in this at the time perhaps do to the big fire trucks rolling over it while putting out the fire. Could someone please come inspect this to make sure there are no issues prior to blacktop?

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Drainage or Runoff

410 E Vernon AVE

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Hello, I am writing you again to address the storm water issue we have in front of our property. It has been almost a year since the process of fixing this issue has started and it is becoming frustrating. We have been very patient, and we understand that there are priorities in the city but if this issue is not addressed the road will continue to erode and soon we will not be able to access our driveway. As I stated, we started the process in March 2022; we waited until September and submitted another ticket UReport 181323; this time the crew came and did some work (since we did not receive any information, we did not know if they are finished by the way they left the project for the past few months). I wish I could attach more photos of the "finished " project. Anyway whenever they cleaned the trench, the asphalt was scraped, and everything was left as is and every time it rains all the dirt and sediments go in the culvert clogging it. The rain today made everything worse, the culvert is clogged and the water is again on the street. It is extremely frustrating and disappointing. Below is the first email we sent on March 14, 2022 Hello, We are contacting you with hopes of getting some advice regarding the storm water stream that runs along E Vernon Ave in Matlock Heights neighborhood. There is a storm/ rain water stream( path) that runs under N Dunn Rd , goes west on E Vernon Ave and under Fritz Dr and eventually goes into a larger creek. Over the past few years this pathway has been deteriorating with some of the road erosion happening right before the water goes into the culvert under our driveway. The previous owner of our property added some rocks and blocks but it does not solve the road erosion problem. We are needing guidance and help since we do not know how to address the erosion and also the public road. Thank you for all your help! Mihaela Lee 812-325-6959

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2210 N Fritz DR

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Grass is growing around the storm drain and water is not flowing into it.