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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2100 S Bent Tree DR

Case Date:

When I do some washing, the dirty water will slowly leak into the adjacent bedroom floor along the gap of the wall base. I am doubting whether there are some problems in sewers?! Qi Wang My address is 2100 South Bent Tree Drive. Phone: 8123917545

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1150 W Acuff Rd, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

This is a follow-up to case # 167833. So the storm drain was uncovered, which is good, however, all the debris that was covering it was thrown in our yard--very much NOT appreciated!!! Now, we have to clean that up. Plus, the 4 or so inches of silt/sand/soil in front of the grate is keeping the rain water from reaching the storm sewer as seen in my photo. We received rain today, and it just collected on the road.

closed #167891

Water Utility Billing Problems

Bloomington, Indiana

Case Date:

I think my water meter is switched with my neighbors. Both water meters are in the same hole. After verifying that neither water meter was reading water usage, I turned on a faucet in my house. The water meter that was moving when I had my water running was not the meter listed on my bill.

closed #167908

Debris Removal

3420 E Adair LN

Case Date:

Not sure if this is private property or part of the green belt along Clarizz but trash is everywhere and there is a large body of untreated water ready to fester with rising temperatures.

closed #167915

Water Utility Problems

3409 S Mcdougal CT

Case Date:

The last time my water meter was read, the lid didn't latch when the reader returned it. Now that spring is here, I'm a bit worried it could be a tripping hazard if a kid stepped on it. 3409 S McDougal Ct Bloomington, IN 47403 Work order sent out 4/1/19 to secure meter lid

closed #167924

Water Utility Problems

1501-1599 S Hathaway Ct, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

Your staff lowered my water meter manhole last week and said they would be here this week to lower the line below the surface. Just checking on the status. There is water in the box also.

closed #167972

Water Utility Problems

2707 S Pinehurst DR

Case Date:

Low water pressure. I tried to schedule a pressure test, but too many days of freezing temps. Let's reschedule. Thanks!

closed #168001

Water Utility Billing Problems

2003 S High ST

Case Date:

My water consumption use (and corresponding bill) is twice as much as any of my other previous months. We have not increased our usage during March - if anything, it should be a little less since we were out of town for a week. This reading cannot be accurate.

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Parks & Playgrounds

Reverend Ernest D Butler Park

Case Date:

This morning at Rev. Butler park the push button of the water fountain by the bathroom was stuck and water had been flowing for what had looked like a long time. I was able to unlodge the button but I'm worried that it could happen again.

closed #168099

Potholes, Other Street Repair

6001-6549 N Showers Rd, Bloomington, Indiana, 47408

Case Date:

Another 25-30 section of road washed away from rain waters on N showers rd. This creates a dangerous condition due to traffic bearing into oncoming traffic to avoid the road. There are two sections for about a total of 50-60 feet washed away due to poor draining for waste water.