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Unsafe Buildings

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The owner of 1413 w 11th st has established a series of about 7 five gallon plastic buckets up against his house that are holding stagnant water. This will breed mosquitos and is unsafe to the neighborhood as it will contribute to the spread of disease including the potential for zika. Please have the owner remedy the situation.

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Our next door neighbor (to the west) have a giant pile of garbage and a separate pile of kitty litter in his back yard. Both piles are several feet tall and several feet wide. You can smell the piles around the neighborhood. They are also hazardous since they are right next to an open water drainage ditch. I know that these same people have been reported to the city several times before about the same thing (by the previous owners). What can be done to address this issue?

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

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At (or very close to) 509 N Lincoln St there has been water flowing onto the sidewalk for months. There is now a huge mud slick across several yards of sidewalk that everyone waking on that side has to step into the street to avoid.

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behind Macri's trash corral. one, one gal. and one five gal. containers. both have liquid in them. maybe water. both have been there since work started on the place.

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My stove doesn't work and the dryer is broken. Also the water pressure is extremely weak.

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Excessive Growth

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I live at 812 W 2nd St. My next door neighbor lives at 820 W. 2nd St. Her back yard is overgrown and has containers that fill with water. In warm weather these containers breed mosquitos. I can't even go outside in the summer because the mosquitos are so bad. Also, she won't cut her grass along 2nd St. She says it is flowers, but it is weeds. I have seen rats in there. Also it is a traffic hazard because cars turning on to 2nd St. from Euclid St. can't see oncoming traffic. I am also sending a copy of this email to the State Board of Health in Indianapolis.

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Unsafe Buildings

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Old IUCU drive thru lanes at Whitehall Plaza on west 3rd Street.. The building has tarps covering the front and wind damage has town those off and exposed pipes, graffiti, hanging boards, and water damage. This is an eyesore, dangerous and is not safe to walk or drive by... There are swinging boards and I have picked up several boards with nails in them and placed in the flowerbed.

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Unsafe Buildings

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I am writing to report water leaking lead to flooding, mold and mushroom in the Unit 131, 1150 S. Clarizz Blvd., the Monroe. We had water flooding in living room, bathroom, and kitchen since we moved in around 17 August. We reported it. The maintenance came a few time to dry the floor in the first two weeks. The third week, mold and mushroom grew out in the bathroom, living room and kitchen. During that time, HAND happened to inspect the Monroe. The Monroe painted all the molded places and changed the broken air-condiner. But after passing HAND's inspection, they didnot try to fix the root cause of the water leaking and mold. Now, new mold is coming out in my bedroom. So, we believe they only used paint to cover the mold come out. But didnot treat the mold in the war and under the floor. Last time, they treated the mold with big fan which blew the contaminated air from air-conditioner room into the living room and our bed rooms. I got burning nose and lung. I was diagnosed with Rhinitis. Doctor said it is bad for the lung if I am continue to expose to that environment. I have been complaining about the bad ventilation and mold in my room which cause me difficulties of breath and coughing to the Monroe. But they have been very irresponsible. Also there were mold in the air-condioner room and ventilation system. The air blow out from the vent blacked my walls too.