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Blocked Sidewalk

320 W 8th ST

Case Date:

The Hunter foot path, between Eastside and Mitchell, which is maintained by the city, has a spring bubbling up through the pavement at the west end of the house at 500 Eastside Drive. You can see that the water is undercutting the pavement, and the city can expect that it will collapse in upon itself sooner or later. Hopefully, not when somebody is walking or biking over it.

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Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

Part of the city-maintained Hunter footpath between Eastside Drive and Mitchell is submerged by an overflowing spring that has flowed under the footpath for more than 30 years of my personal experience. The pipe which carries the spring under the footpath is apparently silted up and needs to be reopened. At present, the foot path is impassable for pedestrians due to the amount of water on the path.

closed #174394

Blocked Street

Case Date:

street drain in front of 1309 South Lincoln is completely blocked and has been for Years..literally.. I could post a photo but don't know where to send it..A few years ago I reported this and the Department said they didn't see a problem.. THe water backs up over the sidewalk.. Obviously there is a problem..The puddle is about 40 feet wide and out into the street almost to the center

closed #173337

City Construction Projects

1005 S Covenanter DR

Case Date:

The drainage easement at the south end of Greenwood Dr., where it dead ends into the sidewalk, is blocked with a landslide of debris. The water level rose to 3 feet on either side of the sidewalk and covered three properties adjacent to the clogged drain with water and debris. Thank you for your help. Jim and Debbie Quinn

closed #174541

Debris Removal

1908 E Viva DR

Case Date:

As a neighborhood, we are requesting that the drain pipes (driveway culverts) be cleaned out so storm water has a place to drain.

closed #176284

Debris Removal

1104 S Covenanter DR

Case Date:

Due to the storm on Friday night we have a lot of run off rock and old concrete from the ditches above our house on Ruby and Covenanter. Since we are the last house where the ditches turn, we get all of the debris. Can someone from the city please come and clean up our ditch (with the truck that sucks up rocks, etc.)along Ruby and Covenanter? Our front lawn grass is full of rock and mud from the flow of water on Friday night. We don't want the city to dig up our grass...we would just like them to suck up the sand, rock and black top debris in our ditches and culverts. Thank you. Sincerely, Ingrid 1104 S. Covenanter Drive

closed #176663

Debris Removal

Case Date:

All the storm drains on Woodlawn south of Hunter are clogged. IF it rains, the water will flood the streets

closed #165857

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

Last week I had city utility workers digging holes in my yard looking for what they think might be a water main leak. I think there might be an underground stream. They patched my yard and laid straw, I now have after this weeks storm several large holes in my yard, some large enough to lose a medium size dog in. HELP!!! Your website will only let me upload one photo, I have several pictures if needed, although they don't do it justice. 1514 E. Elliston Drive

closed #166880

Drainage or Runoff

Morrison's Appliances and Service

Case Date:

Large amounts of water have been draining out of the parking lot of Morrison's Appliance store on West Kirkwood Ave. During freezing temperatures, this creates a large sheet of ice accross the sidewalk and along the northern edge of Kirkwood Ave creating a hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

closed #168173

Drainage or Runoff

111 S Meadowbrook DR

Case Date:

Help - Runoff backup issues! Insufficient runoff drainage on the East side of S. Meadowbrook Dr in Parkridge East between 111 S. Meadowbrook drive and the 101 S Meadowbrook Dr causing significant backups and flooding for residents. Particularly the runoff drainage ditch is blocking the culvert in front of 111 S. Meadowbrook. Picture attached. Request the drainage ditch be deepened in this area so that the culvert is unblocked and provides sufficient slope to keep water flowing toward E. Morningside runoff drainage.