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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

4353 W Gifford RD

Case Date:

Dogs are kept outside on the porch for 8+ hours a day with no shelter, food, or water. They constantly bark, wanting to get away from the cold and rain. When the owner does let them in it’s only 1 dog at a time and it’s never for very long.

closed #187915

Debris Removal

3732 W Maple Leaf DR

Case Date:

Drainage ditch across street is so full of leaves & tree branches, the ditch is filling up with standing water when it rains. There's no water flowing wherever it's supposed to flow.

closed #175093

Drainage or Runoff

4032 W Glen Oaks DR

Case Date:

Our backyard floods when we have heavy rain - totally normal. However, our setup to the city's storm drain is clearly not running properly. Water at the opening is nearly at a standstill. A city utility worker was out after the last large rainfall a few weeks ago and was at the manhole entrance point near the street. Within 25 minutes of them leaving, our drainage issue was solved and nearly all flooding issues were resolved. Is this runoff drain/storm drain not functioning properly or not always turned on?

closed #172876

Parking on Unimproved Surface

1337 S Hickory Grove LN

Case Date:

in cud a sac at end of drive 1337 & 1339 Hickory Grove lane the road lays in water an street is got holes an the sewer gets buried in heavy rain an people have drove over it

closed #180108


4226 W Doyle AVE

Case Date:

The pedestrian bridge over the creek {Early History Trail} RCA Park has a massive blockage of trees limbs etc. Heavy rain creates a massive pool of water the eventually releases down stream, affecting property down stream. Please remove. Thankyou

closed #180430

Utilities Yardwork

612 S Bobcat BND

Case Date:

Brand new owner, I was cutting grass with my riding lawn mower, the lawn mower blades made contact with the sewer/water metal plate damaging the cover. There is a hole on top of the metal plate that needs to be repaired. I put an orange cone to cover the hole. This hole is not big enough for a kid to fall but someone could get hurt and trip.

closed #177525

Water Quality

5347 W Stonewood DR

Case Date:

Water has started to taste and smell dirty. The issue started slightly on Friday 9/17 and has continued to get worse since.

closed #177541

Water Quality

5201 W Hanks XING

Case Date:

The water tastes like algae.

closed #177557

Water Quality

4032 W Glen Oaks DR

Case Date:

Taste of the water (direct from tap and also via Brita filter) is unappealing. Definitely not the same taste as our usual tap water. Clarity and smell is fine- this is purely a taste issue. But it is creating difficulties in maintaining hydration in our two children because they cannot handle the poor taste.

closed #177800

Water Quality

4032 W Glen Oaks DR

Case Date:

Water taste is still an issue - still undrinkable