City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #24559

Water Quality

600 W Chambers DR

Case Date:

downspout from a rental property at 600 ends at property line w/ 510, water runs off into 510 property, which is lower than 600,daughter calling on behalf of mother

closed #23903


403 W Graham DR

Case Date:

Trash everywhere. There is an old tire collecting water sitting out front.

closed #13062

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

805 W Ralston DR

Case Date:

"water turned off, septic failed, if house has occupants make sure Mo.Co.Health Dept. has inspected the septic or sanitary," needs to be checked regularly

closed #6816

Unsafe Buildings

2515 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Possible unregistered rental. Caller says someone lives here but his parents own the trailer. Windows boarded up, no water, holes in floor. I advised her that this may not meet the threshold of an unsafe structure and was not necessarily a rental.

closed #73868

Excessive Growth

2315 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Grass. The house was torn down. Only the basement is left-probably filled with water. Fence removed except on one side.