City of Bloomington, Indiana


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closed #157655

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1150-1384 West Gourley Pike

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excessive water runoff from South shoulder creates large patch of ice when cold. there doesn't seem to be appropriate drainage. rest of the street is fine

closed #143210


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the sidewalk in front of 2210 floods whenever it rains. it thus froze yesterday and last night my mother broke her leg falling on the ice. besides this. the water gets so deep there u have to walk in the street when ot rains or soak your shoes.

closed #166390

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

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The sidewalks on the west side of rogers just south of Bloomington Iron & Metal (about 9th street) flood when it rains. A stream flows out of BIM at the south side of their driveway, across the driveway cut for the gym, and then across both driveway cuts for the big one world parking lot. When it is raining hard, there is no way to traverse the gym driveway without standing in 3+ inches of water. Did you know BIM is a superfund site?