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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

612 N Summit ST

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Woman living in an RV in the back yard is operating an open air cat kennel without a permit. She also provides food, water or shelter to a colony of feral cats without being registered with the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control Department or its designee. There are 3 walk in cages housing cats in the back yard. I have a video illustrating this if you will contact me I can share it. I am an Environmental Health Specialist with the Monroe County Health Department.

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

6360 S Fairfax RD

Case Date:

This man named Adam Naugle is containing birds of prey (falcons) within his property and doesn’t let them out. At least one has died from his neglect. He has lost at least 6 raptors because of his neglect as well. He currently has a dog under one year of age that he regularly abuses. The dog shows abuse reactive tendencies towards this man (running and yelping if he raises a hand). He has body slammed her bc she peed in the house bc he doesn’t let her out for over 12 hrs or she chews something bc he leaves her without food, water, or toys in his truck for long periods. This man should never be allowed to own pets again. He also owes the IRS because he does not pay his taxes properly. Beware the man does own many guns and some are illegal including a sawed off shot gun.

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

Case Date:

A black Lab is being tied up on a short cord wrapped around a tree with no water in the heat at 3248 Southern Oaks Drive 47401. The dog is barking nonstop and clearly in distress. This happens often, but this is the first time I’m reporting it. Please help him. Thank you.

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City events in the summer are hot, the pavement is even hotter. Tons of folks had pets out at the pride event weekend, for example, and they were walking them on pavement in 93 degree weather which makes the pavement over 130°F. Very few of these pets had booties on to walk around and there was little to no water present. Why is animal control not presenting this information about pet safety and temperatures when it is animal abuse to burn a pet’s feet? Please decide to be present and post this information in common spaces for folks to see and increase reminders about pet safety.

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

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100% of the time I go by this house, there is a white dog outside in a dog run. The space is big enough and there appears to be water, but the dog is outside in all weather. As a dog owner myself, it saddens me to think this dog's entire life is spent outside in a dog run. I'm hoping someone can check on the welfare of this dog.