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902 S Fess AVE

Case Date:

Exceeds weight limit of 40 lbs. TOO havy please break down or drain water out THANKS 954

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Drainage or Runoff

901-923 South Woodlawn Avenue

Case Date:

On the southeast corner of the intersection at Woodlawn and Maxwell, runoff from the yard on that corner is causing significant ice accumulation on the road. It's impossible to pull up properly to the stop sign going north without veering into the middle of Woodlawn. I have lived on Maxwell for more than 20 years and don't recall seeing this problem before. There is a fire hydrant on the corner of the property, so perhaps this is the source of the water?

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

900-998 North Woodburn Avenue

Case Date:

For the past 2 days one of my neighbors dogs has been outside barking/howling has no shelter form of shelter, no access to food and water, neighbors haven't been there or haven't been there long enough to take care of him. His dog cable has been caught up in twigs and such so its all tangled up. Its not the first time this has happen back during the summer they did this to him. I think someone should seriously check into this. He was in the pouring down rain today, and its now getting cold because of temp. dropping. Please have someone check on him! the address is 918 N Woodburn Ave. he is chained to the back porch. Thanks!

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Water Quality

900 N Curry Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

There is NO WAY the water coming out of faucets in Ellettsville Indiana can be safe to drink! This is horrible for the amount of money we are required to pay for NON drinkable water!

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Drainage or Runoff

8975 Mariabo Cir, Minneapolis, MN 55438, USA

Case Date:

There is not an issue at my house. However on Veness Road right before Bush Lake Road, water has been running on the road for well over 2 months. It is a very slow run off, but is definitely coming from the right land of Veness Road. About a month ago there was a major water leak on Veness just before Bloomington Ferry. That was fixed. This one has been leaking since early Spring. Thought I should let you know.

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897 S Baldwin DR

Case Date:

A landscape crew repairing the lawn area that was disturbed from an accident last week noticed a leak that was caused by the vehicle. The vehicle apparently had driven over the meter pit. The pit was filled with water, and the City of Bloomington meter was leaking. Nature’s Way staff was able to turn the water connection to that meter off. They recommended we contact COB so that they can address installing a new meter connection, or what repair is deemed necessary.

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Water Utility Problems

897 S Baldwin DR

Case Date:

This is a 3rd time this has been reported. We turned on the irrigation system for Brighton Pointe Sign today and it would appear there is a trickle on the city side of the meter. This needs to be fixed. At this point it does not seem to be registering as water used for Brighton but it should be fixed so as not to waste water. The leak is before the meter, maybe why the City didn’t locate it before? It isn’t making the meter run, but wasting water.

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Water Quality

889–1021 S College Mall Rd

Case Date:

After seeing the water run clear all summer in Jackson Creek (I think that's what runs in front of the Shoppes on College Mall Rd.) this morning the water was very muddy and there was the smell of dead fish. Since there has not been rain recently it seems like something has been dumped in there. Something doesn't seem right about it anyway.

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Water Utility Problems

853 S Romans WAY

Case Date:

We recently had a plumbing contractor come out to our house to inspect our plumbing. They indicated that our water pressure was between 90 to 100 PSI and could be caused by a problem from our water utility. They indicated that the pressure should be less than 60 PSI and that such high pressure could damage our pipes and appliances that use water. Is this something that the City's water utility team could look into? Thank you!

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

832 W Wylie ST

Case Date:

Water meter cover in the middle of the street needs replacing. It's broken and you could trip in it if you're not careful