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Water Utility Billing Problems

5475 S Fairfax RD

Case Date:

Customer was very upset that his water usage has increased so dramatically. I explained the usage period, insp. results, etc. He was insistent that the changing of the meter had damaged his toilet (by allowing air to get into the lines). He stated that he planned to contact his atty. I referred him to Risk Mgmt. He did not wish to listen to any explanation regarding his usage. I printed out his account history and meter readings for him. I also contacted Ed S. regarding this matter.

closed #58040

Water Utility Billing Problems

2005 S Yost AVE

Case Date:

Mr. David Randolph (of IIG, Inc.) stopped in to complain that his water was shut off due to delinquency on a $30.00 acct. The shutoff cost him over $600.00 in loss of production. Mr. Randolph stated the shutoff could potentially have cost him machinery of plus pose an environmental hazard.