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Water Utility Billing Problems

1313 S Hickory Grove LN

Case Date:

Gary Coonce called re. his account that is in his wife's name - Katherine Coonce - at 1313 Hickory Grove Lane. Mr. Coonce has experienced high bills. He feels his sewer bill should not be double the amount of his water bill. Mr. Coonce stated that he or his wife will appear at the USB meeting on 1/20/98 to state his complaint at that time.

closed #58040

Water Utility Billing Problems

2005 S Yost AVE

Case Date:

Mr. David Randolph (of IIG, Inc.) stopped in to complain that his water was shut off due to delinquency on a $30.00 acct. The shutoff cost him over $600.00 in loss of production. Mr. Randolph stated the shutoff could potentially have cost him machinery of plus pose an environmental hazard.