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Unsafe Buildings

708 W 7th ST

Case Date:

White 2-story house in the 700 block of W. 7th St. is boarded up, but someone has partially removed a board from the window at the rear of the property. Neighbors have been seeing people in the upstairs at night. The stairway area at the rear of the house, which leads from the basement to the outside is full of water, which is several feet deep. The basement must be full of water. Ms. Stanfield is concerned that a child could drown.

closed #118271


912 W 6th ST

Case Date:

Water runing out of a pipe in a stone wall along 6th St and into the alley. Ms. Hawkins is worried that the water will freeze this winter and be dangerous. The outlet discharges are not rainfall based according to Ms. Hawkins.

closed #119407

Water Quality

111 N Rogers ST

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closed #110955


1101 W 8th ST

Case Date:

Other/Other: Dirk ,Please check w/crew: Damaaged trash can notified --- of water in can -- Resident does not want to pursue this any further. cf. Mr Harfiled called in & complained that a big chunk was taken out of her trash can, by the handle. Please check w/crews and call me. Thanks Chris. Called work 10/13/00

closed #108150


708 W 10th ST

Case Date:

Martin/ fax 3862/9:20am/Other/trash/ Tash was stoo heavy, so the crews left a notice but took the sticker. Mrs. Goodman will drain the water out and break it down. Please pick up in the afternoon or Friday morning. Thanks cf