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Water Utility Problems

778 S Fieldstone BLVD

Case Date:

Water meter leaking 780 s fieldstone blvd

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Utilities Yardwork

Case Date:

The lid to our water meter is not bolted down. while mowing last week, i stepped on the lid while turning the mower around and nearly fell in because it's not attached and was laying on top of the canister crooked. it appears to be very rusty. Please have someone check into this. I don't want the lid just sitting there unbolted. it's dangerous when someone steps on it the way it currently is.

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Water Utility Problems

4001 S Clear View DR

Case Date:

My water meter shows that I may have a leak. I would like someone to come and see if it is between my house and the meter or the meter and the road.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

Case Date:

To whom it may concern, I received a water bill that stated that my house used 15 units of water, when we average around 4 units. I called to discuss this bill and had an extremely poor experience. I was connected to a customer service representative, Laurie, who treated me very unprofessionally. As I was explaining my situation, Laurie devalued my statements, spoke over me, laughed at me, and negated everything that I said. To say that I am disappointed with the quality of service is an understatement. I have always had a positive experience with the City of Bloomington, however, this was an anomaly. I hope that the proper actions will be taken. Thank you.

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Drainage or Runoff

634 N Maple ST

Case Date:

I do not have water in my house.

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Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

Weak water pressure at 4600 S Old St Rd 37 Bloomington IN 47401

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Water Utility Problems

985 E Buckingham DR

Case Date:

We had the water meter turned off due to a line break. Our plumber tells us the meter itself is shatter and will need to be replaced.

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Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

We are using a lot more water than we should. Would like meter/lines checked for leaks, etc.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

Case Date:

My water for the 5th time in 8 years has been shut off because it was confused with my neighbors. I also believe I have been charged for their water usage. Note they had 4 kids and 2 adults there I am by myself, and yet I had an $80 bill. I live at 2602 South Bryan St. and have been here sense 2009. The other resident was at 2602 ½. This happens after each neighbor moves out. Right now the vacant unit has water in it. This also happened to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I thought it was resolved that time. It is Bloomington City Water's responsibility to keep this from happening. I need 3 things from you (1) an apology for having done this so many times. (2) An actionable plan as to what you are going to do to stop this in the future. (3) A review of my utility bill for having been over charged.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

Case Date:

Hello, My name is Lauren McDonald, and I live in one of the units on 1109 South Rogers in Bloomington. There is a water meter in my front yard and the cover was not properly/safely re-attached. This morning I was walking across the yard and stepped on the cover, and my entire leg fell into the water meter. My leg is scraped, swollen, and bruised because of it. I placed the cap back on the hole, but provided a photo below. I spoke to Frank (unsure if his last name) about this issue on the phone, and they are planning to have it resolved. However, I did want it recorded that I was injured because of it. This could have seriously injured a child. I was wondering if you could please confirm receipt and understanding that I was injured because of this. Thank you, Lauren McDonald