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Page last updated on January 12, 2022 at 12:11 pm

The Controller's Office ensures that public tax dollars are utilized in a fiscally responsible manner in order to provide optimal services to Bloomington residents. The office is involved in the processing of all daily financial transactions of the City. Our office strives to ensure Bloomington's short- and long-term fiscal viability through professional financial and budgetary management and reporting. The Controller's Office is located in Suite 240 of City Hall.

As of June 30, 2016, state statute IC 5-11-1-27(g) requires that the legislative body of each political subdivision adopt the minimum internal control standards as defined by State Board of Accounts. The City must ensure that personnel receive training concerning the internal control standards and procedures adopted by the political subdivision. Per state statute: "personnel" means an officer or employee of a political subdivision whose official duties include receiving, processing, depositing, disbursing, or otherwise having access to funds that belong to the federal government, state government, a political subdivision, or another governmental entity.

Internal Control procedures and compliance with these procedures promotes and fosters government accountability and transparency. Internal Controls can also reduce risk and increase security measures to safeguard government funds or assets from erroneous, or irregular material variances, losses, shortages, theft, fraud, misuse, or mismanagement.

Resolution 16-20

Resolution 16-20 is the adoption of minimum internal control standards and procedures and determining materiality threshold for the City of Bloomington.

State Board of Accounts Internal Controls Training Information Links

(Watch the webinar video.) Print and email form to the attention of Julie Martindale at 

The SBOA Training Video is viewable below. 

IC Certification Form (PDF)