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  1. Help departments increase organizational effectiveness.

  2. Create a culture of collaboration and innovation.

  3. Help departments prepare for future needs.

The Office of Innovation was created by the Innovation Task Force, a group convened in March of 2016 and comprised of folks in City government, local stakeholders, and representatives from the City Council. The task force's mission was to identify steps the city could take to make city government more efficient, tackle innovative projects, and improve public engagement.

Per the task force's recommendation, the Office of Innovation was created to do that and its first Director was hired at the end of 2016. The office is charged with spurring innovation across City Hall by providing support, guidance and resources to folks with big ideas about how to make government work better. A primary responsibility of the office is also to anticipate how technological advances might intersect with City services and functions to support the City in being nimble and adaptive to future needs.


Upcoming Events

Innovation iconInnovation @ Work Celebration - Wednesday, January 29, 2020 2-4:30pm City Hall in the Atrium and Outside Council Chambers on the First Floor


Join us as we acknowledge and celebrate the many ways that City of Bloomington Employees innovate at work! 

  • Mayor Hamilton’s address will begin at 2:30 and will include a special announcement about accelerating a culture of innovation at the City.
  • Just like an adult science fair, staff will present on their projects and answer questions.


Go to the Innovation Success Stories page and select the year "2019" for a sample of some of the projects you'll see at the celebration!~


Let's Get Visual - Civic Data ChallengeLet's Get Visual! Bloomington Civic Data Challenge 1.0 - Saturday, February 22, 2020 1-5pm City Hall - starting in Council Chambers on the First Floor


Join the City of Bloomington and BMG Hack to crack the code on City Data Visualization! No tech experience needed. Visit the Civic Coding page for details about getting involved in this event.


Indiana Bond Bank - Flipping Finance Challenge 2020Indiana Bond Bank Flipping Finance Challenge 2020 - Friday, February 28 - Saturday, February 29 - Indianapolis, IN



Want to help the City of Bloomington crowdsource a solution to a thorny problem? Register to attend the Indiana Bond Bank's FREE massive brainstorming event called "The Flipping Finance Challenge" and help Team Bloomington solve any one of NINE challenges we are bringing to the event! 


Samples and Examples

Creative improvements and transformational ideas did not begin with the Office of Innovation! Visit the Innovation Success Stories page for examples of how City staff have been making creative decisions and solving problems in new ways.