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Banach To Retire From Bloomington City Council

September 6, 2006

Jason and Karen Banach: 334-0963
Franklin Andrew: 824-7850

BLOOMINGTON, IN -- Veteran Bloomington City Council member Jason Banach announced today that he will be retiring from his City Council seat effective September 30, 2006. Banach, 33, was first elected in 1995 and was the youngest person ever elected to serve on a City Council in Indiana at age 22. He is currently moving in to the last year of his third term.

"I will always be humbled that the citizens of this extraordinary city have entrusted me with this incredible honor for over a decade," Banach said. "It is only after thoughtful deliberation and discussion with my family and peers that I have decided the citizens of Bloomington deserve a representative that can continue to devote their full energy to this position."

Banach cited professional reasons for the decision. He serves as Assistant Director of Real Estate for Indiana University and has responsibilities on all eight Indiana University campuses. "My professional schedule has caused my absence at some council meetings as well as board and commission meetings, I simply don't have enough hours in the day." In addition to his busy work schedule, Banach is completing his last few classes for his Master's degree in Public Affairs at IU.

Banach's wife Karen, an English teacher at Bloomington High School South, says she has mixed feelings about his decision.

"Politics have been a part of our lives from the time I first met Jason while we were both undergraduates at Indiana University," she said. "I remember campaigning door to door with him in 1995 before we were married. I understand his reasons, and fully support his decision. However, he enjoys serving the public and takes that responsibility very seriously - I am sure he will want to serve in some capacity again in the future."

Banach does not disagree.

"I will not rule out a future run for any office, but for the time being, I need to direct my efforts to my family and career," Banach said. "I plan to stay involved with the community as much as is practicably possible."

Banach said that he has shared his decision with Monroe County G.O.P. Chairman, Franklin Andrew and that Andrew has said that a caucus will be scheduled to pick a replacement for Banach as soon as possible.

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