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Page last updated on July 24, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Bloomington Water Quality Test Results In For February

March 18, 2016
For more information contact:
Rachel Atz, Water Quality Coordinator, City of Bloomington, 812.349.3655
Bloomington Water Quality Test Results In For February
Bloomington, Ind. ­ ​Results from tests on Bloomington water conducted by a private, independent laboratory indicate the February 2016 level of disinfectant by­products (DBPs) to be slightly up from January 2016. The January 2016 DBP results for HAA5s were 37 ­ 43 ug/l and for TTHMs were 31.7 ­ 40.9.
One month later, the HAA5s measured 46 ­ 48 ug/l and 32.9 ­ 38.2 for TTHMs. Maximum Contaminant Levels are calculated on a running annual average, the maximum allowed is 60 ug/l for HAA5s and 80 ug/l for TTHMs.
In the past, testing was conducted quarterly, but that frequency has been increased to monthly to better monitor the quality of water provided by City of Bloomington Utilities. The latest data is available on the City's open data portal by clicking on the "B Clear" option on For more information contact Rachel Atz, Water Quality Coordinator for the City of Bloomington at 812.349.3655.