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Mayor John Hamilton Announces Utilities Director Hire

April 11, 2016

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Mayor John Hamilton Announces Utilities Director Hire

Bloomington, Ind. - Mayor John Hamilton announced today the hiring of Vic Kelson to head the City of Bloomington Utilities Department. Kelson holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, is an Indiana Professional Engineer and a Certified Ground Water Professional.

"In a critical step toward the improvement of operations at City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) and ultimately the delivery of top quality for all our residents, I have selected Vic Kelson to serve as the Director of CBU. Vic is a local engineer and scientist who brings national experience in public water supply management and protection to the position. I have charged him with enhancing our water treatment procedures, improving internal processes at CBU, planning for our future utility needs as a community and protecting our natural resources. This is a key position in my administration, and I am confident Vic has the education, the background and the experience to get the job done," Hamilton commented.

Kelson comes to the position from Layne Christensen Company where he focused on water supply issues and water resource management for the last 16 years. He is the author of many water science publications and several software based tools for water management. His professional affiliations include the American Water Works Administration, National Ground Water Association, American Geophysical Union and American Institute of Hydrology.

Despite a considerable amount of work out-of-state, Kelson has been active in the community serving as a member of the Bloomington Township Board (2015-present) and a six-year member of the Monroe County Council (2007-2013).

Regarding the appointment, Kelson said,"Our ability to provide robust and reliable public utilities is central to our quality of life and the future of our economy. As an environmental engineer and water scientist, I understand water treatment, wastewater treatment processes and aquatic chemistry. I am honored to join Mayor Hamilton in his commitment to transparency and the ongoing commitment to provide the customers of CBU with the highest quality services possible."

The CBU employs 176 individuals, has an annual budget of approximately $36.5 million and is responsible for $318 million in City owned assets.

Kelson was selected after a nationally advertised search and having been vetted by a four-member search team comprised of representative from both internal and external constituents. He will assume his duties on April 25.

Kelson fills the position that has been held by John Langley in an interim capacity since January.

For more information contact Mary Catherine Carmichael, Communications Director, at [812-349-2489|tel:812-349-2849] or [|].