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Page last updated on July 24, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Comprehensive Master Plan Update


May 17, 2016

For more information, please contact: Mary Catherine Carmichael, 812-349-2489,

Comprehensive Master Plan Update

Bloomington, Ind. - Bloomington's Comprehensive Master Plan is getting an update.

The updated Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) is being reviewed in draft form and should be available for public review by mid-June. The Bloomington Common Council approved the vision statement to update the CMP in January, 2013. Shortly thereafter, a considerable amount of feedback from focus and stakeholder groups towards the original draft document was gathered.

That feedback will be incorporated into the draft document.

By Indiana statute, comprehensive master plans must include:

- A statement of objectives for the future development of the jurisdiction

  • A statement of policy for the land use development of the jurisdiction

  • A statement of policy the the development of public way, public places, public lands, public structures and public utilities.

The Bloomington CMP will also include descriptions, goals and action plans in the following topic areas:

  1. Community Services

  2. Culture

  3. Socioeconomics/Demographics

  4. Environment

  5. Downtown

  6. Housing and Neighborhoods

  7. Land Use

  8. Transportation/Multi-Modal Network

Prior to final adoption of the plan, the draft version will be made widely available for public input beginning in June. The document will be posted on the City's website, and a series of well publicized public meetings at various locations will be held to facilitate public comment.

City staff will review and revise the plan to integrate public feedback received following those meetings. Then, the Plan Commission must review and can revise the document. Finally, the the plan will go to the Common Council for revision and approval. Allowing time for public input and editing, it is hoped the new CMP will go to Council for consideration during calendar year 2016.

"We're grateful to the CMP Steering Committee and the hundreds of volunteer hours and public comment that have already gone into the latest draft of this guiding document. This vital roadmap helps chart our future, and it should reflect the essential values, hopes and desires of this community for our future," Mayor John Hamilton commented.

Common Council President Andy Ruff stated, "The Council relies on this document to reflect the intent of our residents. The Comprehensive Master Plan is absolutely necessary for us as we make important decisions that we will all live with for many years to come. I urge residents to participate in the update process and use their voice to express what they would, and would not, like to see in our community".

Plan Commission President Jack Baker said, "We must now look into the next decade, decide what we want Bloomington to be, and create the policies that will get us there".

The most recent CMP, called the Growth Policies Plan, was published in 2002.