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Page last updated on July 24, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Residents Urged to Keep Sidewalks/Streets Clear of Vegetation

July 29, 2016

For more information, please contact:
Mary Catherine Carmichael, Communications Director, 812-349-3406,

Residents Urged to Keep Sidewalks/Streets Clear of Vegetation

Bloomington, Ind. - Grass, trees, and other landscaping around the City are growing rapidly as a result of warm weather and recent rains. Residents are asked to avoid obstructions on our streets and sidewalks by regularly trimming vegetation.

Line of sight obstructions at intersections are common this time of year, particularly at intersections where one street has a stop sign and the intersecting street continues without stopping. Vehicles waiting at the stop sign must be able to see far enough along the intersecting street to choose an appropriate time to enter the intersection. If you live adjacent to an intersection, please trim vegetation near the intersection to help avoid potential hazards.

Bloomington Municipal Code ("BMC") section 12.24.040(2) states that every property owner is responsible for maintaining trees and flora so that they do not obstruct any traffic control devices, the view of any street intersection, or light from any street lamp. It also prohibits growth or overhang for the first eight feet above a sidewalk and fifteen feet above a street.

For questions regarding maintenance requirements, please contact the Planning and Transportation Department at 812-349- 3423. To notify the City of vegetation or other community issues, please submit a uReport at or 812-349-3400.