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Mayor Hamilton To Hold Press Conference to Accept Innovation Task Force Report

August 12, 2016

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Mary Catherine Carmichael, Communications Director, 812.349.3406,

Mayor Hamilton To Hold Press Conference to Accept Innovation Task Force Report

Bloomington, Ind. - On Monday, August 15, Mayor John Hamilton will meet with members of the Task Force on Government Innovation to accept their report. Members of the press and public are invited to join Mayor Hamilton and task force members at 10:30 a.m. in the McCloskey Room in City Hall, 401 N. Morton St.

Announced in January, the task force was charged by Mayor Hamilton with reviewing current operations and considering new approaches, as well as to answer questions including:

  • What are the most successful cities in America doing to help create and operate a responsive, transparent, efficient, engaged government?
  • What key resources exist in Bloomington that can be coordinated or aligned to help achieve a better government?
  • What have we tried in the past that has worked well, or not so well, to improve our city's operations?
  • What are some tangible steps that key local players could take to improve the performance of our government?

Recommendations based on the task force's findings should enhance the City of Bloomington's interaction with its citizens and improve internal efficiencies.

Innovation Task Force members include:

  • Daniel Bingham, Software Engineer, co-chair
  • Darryl Neher, Kelley School of Business, co-chair
  • John Barnes, City of Bloomington
  • Alex Crowley, Excello Solutions
  • Christian Freitag, Sycamore Land Trust
  • Lucy Schaich, City of Bloomington

City of Bloomington's Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen and Director of Information Technology Services Rick Dietz provided staff support.

Following receipt of the report, Mayor Hamilton will review the information and share the results with the Bloomington City Council and the public via the City of Bloomington website at

Two other task forces were announced in January: the Fiscal Task Force, which presented its findings in July, and the Wage Growth Task Force, with a report expected within the next 6-9 months.