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Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association’s 2016 Arts Project Grants

September 21, 2016

For more information, please contact:
Jason Carnes, Director, Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association, 812-349-3419

Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association's 2016 Arts Project Grants

Bloomington, Ind. - Eleven arts projects recently received funding from the The Zone Arts Grant Program sponsored by the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone.

The Zone Arts Grant Program is designed to support arts activities within the boundaries of the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone. Individual artists, teams of artists, local businesses and non-profit organizations (including neighborhood groups) are eligible to apply for project support that will do one or more of the following for residents and businesses within the Urban Enterprise Zone: facilitate involvement in arts and cultural activities; provide an opportunity to participate in the creative process; advance the quality and availability of the arts in the Zone; or celebrate or enhance the identity of the Zone. Exhibits, concerts, performances, festivals, art markets, art space development and public art (including murals) are all examples of the types of projects eligible for funding through the BUEA and BEAD Zone Arts Grant program.

Here is a brief summary of the proposals that received funding:

Shane Greene - Punk, Revolution, Peru.

Shane Greene: ($1,990)

This art exhibition and musical event is part of a book launch by IU Associate Professor of Anthropology and Bloomington resident, Shane Greene. To be published in November, "Punk and Revolution" is an analysis of underground urban art and punk music in Lima, Peru, during that country's 1980s period of intense political instability.

BloomingSongs - Little Old, Little New, Little Bloom

Sarah Maggie Olvio: ($3,250)

Through this project, Bloomington families will be provided with free access to songs and pieces, composed by professional composers with Bloomington ties, performed exclusively by Bloomington musicians.

Bloomington Boogies - Bloomington Blues and Boogie Woogie Piano Festival

Craig Brenner: ($4,000)

This event is an annual music and dance festival in Bloomington featuring the acclaimed blues and boogie woogie pianist, professional swing dancers, food and beverages.

Bloomington Chamber Singers - Holiday Classics Concert

Christiana Redman: ($4,000)

The choir will engage the community through the performance of a holiday pops concert, which will feature some familiar and some new holiday music surrounding a central, universal theme such as "healing" or "peace on earth."

Boys & Girls Club - Bicycle Arch Relocation

Jeff Baldwin: ($1,230)

This project entails the relocation of a 13 foot sculpture which consists of recycled bicycles and scrap metal, and was completed under the leadership and teachings of community artist Joe LaMantia.

B'Town Jazz Fest - B'Town Jazz Fest 2016

John Porter: ($4,000)

This festival showcases the best of Bloomington: its tradition of jazz, its commitment to entertainment, and its sense of community.

Krampus - Krampus Night

Kel McBride: ($3,930)

Krampus Night is a celebratory, performance art, night-time, winter parade meant to bring an ancient Alpine cultural tradition, promoting good behavior and discouraging bad behavior, to downtown Bloomington.

New Voices Opera - 2017 Double Bill Project

Benjamin Smith: ($4,000)

This is an annual project that fully embodies NVO's multi-tiered mission: to foster the creation of operas by the next generation of operatic composers, to promote a genre of opera that is relevant to a modern audience, to strengthen the cultural vitality of our region through new operatic works, and to provide student artists with increased performance opportunities, professional experience and creative outlets within the industry.

Rhino's - Teen Mural Crew

Liv Mershon: ($3,100)

This is a pilot program to create a "Teen Mural Crew" with programming and workforce development at Rhino's. The program will allow a local professional artist with experience in public art to work alongside teen participants in creating a mural.

Reimagining Opera for Kids - A Season of Playfulness

Kimberly Carballo: ($4,000)

This outreach and educational group performs age-appropriate operas for children at area schools, libraries, and hospitals at no cost.

Van-Go - Mobile Art Studio

Ellen Bergan: ($2,500)

Van-Go is an art studio that can travel to any organization, event, or venue and provide the space and supplies to allow participants to create a wide variety of art at no cost.

For more information contact Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association Director, Jason Carnes, at or 812-349-3419.


The Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association provides the means to improve the economic, physical, and social environment for Zone residents and businesses and contributes to economic development efforts in Bloomington's urban core. The Enterprise Zone operates in accordance with Indiana State Code and has created or retained hundreds of jobs and spurred millions of dollars in increased investment. For more information on the BUEA, visit


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