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Page last updated on July 24, 2017 at 3:42 pm

New Mural Reflects Bloomington’s Civil Streets and Reminds Residents “Courtesy is Contagious”

October 27, 2016

For more information contact: Sean Starowitz, Assistant Director of Economic Development for the Arts,, 812-349-3534

New Mural Reflects Bloomington's Civil Streets and Reminds Residents "Courtesy is Contagious"

Bloomington, Ind. -
A public-private partnership with Civil Streets Bloomington and Bicycle Garage, Inc. has resulted in a new mural in Peoples Park. Muralist Mike Burchfield of B'town Murals has completed this new project, reminding the residents of Bloomington that "Courtesy is Contagious."

"We are always happy to help facilitate these public-private partnerships in our city. These opportunities increase art access, put talented artists to work, and add to our dynamic sense of place. I'm pleased that Bicycle Garage, Inc. wanted a new mural on their building and was willing to help fund it," said Mayor John Hamilton.
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This is part of a larger effort put forth by the City of Bloomington Arts Commission (BAC) and its Public Art Master Plan for the City of Bloomington. The Plan has identified shared civic values for the arts, objectives and aspirations for public art and priorities for public art investment, which are designed to positively impact the creation of bold, innovative and impactful works of public art in performance, visual, literary, design and architecture. The Department of Economic and Sustainable Development has helped initiate two other mural projects in the City of Bloomington: a new pilot workforce development mural program with Rhino's Youth Center and artist Izzy Jarvis, and a collaboration with Vectren to work with artist Drew Etienne for the creation of a new mural on the B-Line Trail.


Civil Streets Bloomington: We all have a right to use Bloomington's streets, and that means we all have responsibilities, too. Remember that our own neighbors, friends and family are the people we see out on the road, whether they're biking, walking, driving, taking the bus, or getting around some other way. Try to be courteous and understand that all of us need to get where we're going. Try walking, biking, or taking the bus yourself, just to get a different perspective.

Bicycle Garage, Inc. is a full service bicycle store and repair shop in Bloomington, IN.