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Page last updated on July 24, 2017 at 3:42 pm

City of Bloomington Utilities Resurfacing Customer Service Parking Lot

November 2, 2016

For more information please contact: Jon Callahan, Public Affairs Specialist, City of Bloomington Utilities, 812-349-3940,

City of Bloomington Utilities Resurfacing Customer Service Parking Lot

Bloomington, Ind. - Work is underway to resurface a 4,700-square-foot section of the customer service parking lot at the City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) on East Miller Drive with a new pervious pavement application.

"The section of pervious concrete being replaced was considered an innovative approach to overall stormwater management at the time it was installed in 2006, but had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer performing as designed," said CBU director Vic Kelson. The pervious concrete was a sustainable initiative included in the overall site planning of the CBU Administrative and Services Building Reconstruction project following a fire that did significant damage to the original structure in 2003.

"The new pervious paver application being applied to the parking lot surface represents a significant improvement over what it's replacing both in terms of performance and aesthetics," said Kelson. "It also serves as a prime example of using a porous parking lot to minimize the impact of stormwater on water quality, as represented in the City of Bloomington 2040 Comprehensive Plan."

Another reason for the switch to permeable pavers for this area was the success rate experienced by Bloomington Parks and Recreation in a pavement improvement endeavor at Lower Cascades Park approximately 15 years ago. "Pervious concrete pavers were established in parking lots at shelter houses and the large playground area, with no significant maintenance issues reported following their installation," Kelson stated.

The permeable pavers being used in the CBU project were manufactured in Indianapolis and purchased from a company in Bloomington.

Permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICP) filter and direct stormwater back into the ground or the nearest storm drain.

The project will be completed in phases to minimize the impact on CBU customers. Customers should enter and exit the City of Bloomington Utilities from the South Henderson access point until further notice.

Additional customer parking has been set aside in the northeast corner of the CBU employee parking area. Signage directs customers to the appropriate parking spaces.

Customers are also encouraged to try CBU's online bill-paying options if they haven't already signed up.