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Page last updated on July 24, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Tsuchiya Group to Build Design & Development Center and Headquarters in Bloomington’s Trades District

Tsuchiya Group to Build Design & Development Center and Headquarters in Bloomington's Trades District

Bloomington, Indiana -- 11/16/2016 -- Tsuchiya Group has announced the company will establish their North American design and development center and corporate headquarters in Bloomington's Trades District, also known as The Certified Tech Park. Tsuchiya Group is the North American corporate entity for TASUS Corporation, a supplier to the original equipment manufacturer automotive market.

Tsuchiya Group North America (TGNA) currently employs 34 people at the company's corporate office with expected growth to over 50 by 2018. The new building will house corporate staff to oversee the marketing, sales, operations, and technical, advanced manufacturing design and development for all North American facilities which employ more than 200 locally and nearly 600 in North America.

This facility will be the first new construction in the Bloomington Trades District, kicking off an era of growth and redevelopment for the area. Substantial infrastructure development will take place within the District, readying the way for more business locations over time.

Mayor John Hamilton commented, "This is an exciting day for Bloomington. TASUS is a proven company with deep roots in this community. We are so pleased that they will have their North American headquarters location in our Trades District. This tech-savvy first new employer will no doubt inspire additional investment in the area and bring the kind of vibrant energy and excellent jobs we want to see there."

"Our long history in Bloomington Indiana has been one of growth. Growth in sales, growth in jobs, and growth in technology development. We are designing processes and manufacturing parts for some of the most innovative automakers including Tesla and Toyota. This new facility gives us the ability, to continue to grow our businesses, to increase our jobs, and to advance the support of, and involvement in our community," said Melanie Walker, President and CEO of TASUS and Tsuchiya Group North America.

Tsuchiya Co., Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan was established in 1950 as a supplier of Dupont paint to the Japanese market. The company has since grown to own and operate 24 companies located around the world. Tsuchiya Co., Ltd. is a major supplier to Toyota, Subaru, Sony, and a variety of other major companies.

In 1989 TASUS began operations in Bloomington, Indiana as the first Tsuchiya owned company in North America. TGNA now consists of four TASUS manufacturing facilities located in Bloomington, Indiana; Florence, Alabama; Georgetown, Texas; and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. TASUS supplies the automotive OEM market with plastic injection molded components, printed/formed graphics, and a variety of traded products.



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