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3rd and Lincoln Streets Intersection Closed


April 13, 2017

For more information, please contact:

Mary Catherine Carmichael, Communications Director,, 812-219-2679

Update: Immediate Road Closure at Intersection of 3rd Street and Lincoln Street

Bloomington, Ind. - An engineering inspection this afternoon determined the infrastructure supporting the road at the intersection of 3rd Street and Lincoln Street is structurally unsound and unsafe for traffic. The intersection of 3rd Street and Lincoln Street will be closed immediately and is expected to remain closed for at least a week while further inspection and structural reinforcement is installed. Portions of Lincoln Street, both north and south of 3rd Street, will also be closed. Access to the Boys & Girls Club at 311 S. Lincoln Street will remain open into the parking lot.

[Map Courtesy of the Herald Times|image:28152]

The area of the road closing is directly over a 16-foot-wide storm sewer built to accommodate the underground flow of the Jordan River. North and east of this storm sewer are areas of infrastructure that were improved during the "Big Dig" of 2001-2005. The inspection was conducted as part of a process to determine the status of the unimproved stormwater infrastructure.

Please take caution in the area and follow the direction of all detour signage and all emergency personnel. Here are suggested detour routes and a map:

[3rd St Detour Map (Courtesy of the Herald Times)|]