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Joe VanDeventer,, 812-349-3448

Street Department Underway on 2017 Paving Projects

The City of Bloomington Street Department is currently underway on completing a number of asphalt paving projects now through September 2017. A total of 53 projects will resurface 23 lane miles of streets, roads and alleys. New this year is an interactive online map for all paving projects, which will display each individual paving project using a specific color code for the anticipated month of completion. The map will be updated on a monthly basis for users to easily view the current status of each paving project.

"Our department is looking forward to completing these paving projects. The new interactive map is a great tool that will make it easy to see this year's paving schedule and track our progress," said Joe VanDeventer, Director of Street Operations.

The 2017 City budget allocated $800,000 for the purchase of asphalt. Due to our mild winter, an additional $400,000 that was reserved for purchasing deicing salt for roadways can now be utilized for paving needs. These extra funds have been put towards purchasing needed capital equipment such as a new 2016 Caterpillar AP500F Paver and renting an asphalt milling machine.

For the full 2017 paving schedule and to view the interactive map, please visit