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Page last updated on July 3, 2017 at 8:28 am

For more information, please contact

Sean Starowitz, Assistant Director of Economic Development for the Arts, 812-349-3534,

New Mural Complete at 7th Street Bike and Pedestrian Underpass

Bloomington, Ind. -  The Economic & Sustainable Development Department, in collaboration with the Planning & Transportation Department, recently commissioned a new installation, “Jensai Crossing,” by nationally recognized and Chicago-based artist Justus Roe.

“This installation is creative, unusual and one of those little gems that is just plain fun to encounter. It’s a great collaboration between our transportation and arts departments. Projects like this inspire us and make us wonder what’s around the next corner. Thanks to Justus Roe and everyone who made this happen for everyone in Bloomington to enjoy,” commented Mayor John Hamilton.

Envisioned well over 20 years ago, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission was successful in working with the City and Indiana Department of Transportation to include the 7th Street bike and pedestrian underpass with the SR 45/46 Bypass improvement project.

"We don't usually consider ourselves to be pedestrians, but the truth is, nearly everyone is a pedestrian for a part of every day -- even if it's walking from a parked car to a building. Projects like this, that focus on improving the pedestrian realm, serve to beautify public spaces, increase pedestrian interest, encourage physical activity, and even increase social interactions. We're excited that this new art project focuses on pedestrians and bicyclists and that it serves to connect neighborhoods and destinations beyond the downtown,” stated Assistant Director of Economic Development for the Arts, Sean Starowitz.

This installation is part of a larger effort put forth by the City of Bloomington Arts Commission (BAC) and its Public Art Master Plan for the City of Bloomington. The Plan has identified shared civic values for the arts, objectives and aspirations for public art, and priorities for public art investment, which are designed to positively impact the creation of bold, innovative and impactful works of public art in performance, visual, literary, design and architecture disciplines.

For more information, please contact Sean Starowitz at 812-349-3534.