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For more information, please contact

Adam Wason, Director of Public Works,, 812-349-3410

New Trash/Recycling System to Begin Week of October 2

The coming week will be the last for trash sticker use in Bloomington.  Beginning the week of October 2, all households should begin using the new solid waste and recycling carts that will have been delivered by then. A few reminders for residents as the City of Bloomington transitions to a modernized sanitation system:

  • Please immediately remove your trash and recycling carts from the curb and store them in a covered area such as a garage or shed. If this is not possible, store them outdoors on the side or rear of your housing structure.

  • Please look inside the newly delivered bins for the 2018 refrigerator magnets and several pieces of important informational material related to the modernized sanitation system.

  • Please continue to place yard waste in a container no larger than 35 gallons and not heavier than 40 pounds. Containers may be yard waste paper bags, bundles no larger than 2 feet by 4 feet, or plastic/metal waste bins. After October 2, the charge of $1 per container or bundle will appear on your utility bill.

  • Recycling pickup will occur weekly beginning October 2.

  • Recycling will now be single stream. Place all recyclable materials in the cart with the yellow lid. There is no need to separate recyclables into different bins for each material.

  • If you wish to change the size of your trash or recycling cart, please contact the Sanitation Department at 812-349-3443 or During the first 60 days of the new sanitation operations, one exchange per cart can be made at no additional cost. All exchanges made after this grace period will incur a $50 exchange fee per cart.

  • Your charges for sanitation services will appear on the utility (water) bill that you receive from the City of Bloomington Utilities each month, and will be based on the size trash cart you use.

  • Cart placement (by 5:00 a.m., please) on trash/recycling days should be 4 feet from obstacles and 10 feet away from vehicles wherever possible.

“This is the first change in the way we collect trash and recycling since 1993, so it will no doubt take a little getting used to. Once we all get the hang of it, I’m confident residents will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of our modernized sanitation system. This is a great step forward in the way we deliver services and protect the health and safety of our employees,” stated Mayor John Hamilton.

Additional information is available at or by calling the Sanitation Division at 812-349-3443.