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For more information, please contact

Jon Callahan, Public Affairs Specialist, City of Bloomington Utilities, 812-349-3940,

City Announces Fire Hydrant Maintenance Scheduled October 16 - October 20

Bloomington, Ind. –  During the week of October 16 - October 20, crew members from M.E. Simpson, fulfilling the obligations of a contract signed with the City of Bloomington Utilities, will flow (flush) and perform necessary maintenance on fire hydrants inside the area bordered by the roads listed below:

  • North Boundary: East Winslow Road
  • South Boundary: East Moffett Lane
  • East Boundary: South Harrell Road
  • West Boundary: South Walnut Street

Signage will be displayed in the affected areas on the day that the fire hydrant maintenance takes place.

The weekly fire hydrant maintenance schedule is subject to change if a day's work is not completed as scheduled, or if inclement weather should occur.

During hydrant flowing, customers may experience fluctuations in water pressure and/or discoloration. To remedy discolored water, run cold tap water until discoloration clears. Customers are advised to postpone washing clothes and limit hot water use until cold water is cleared of any discoloration.

For more information, please contact the City of Bloomington Utilities at 812-339-1444.