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Trades District, Dimension Mill to Break Ground March 6

Bloomington, Ind. - The public is warmly invited to join Mayor John Hamilton and area business leaders on Tuesday, March 6 at 2:00 p.m. for a groundbreaking ceremony to officially initiate the first building phase of the Dimension Mill and the Trades District. The ceremony will be held in a tent at 334 W. 11th Street, on the southwest side of the Dimension Mill.  

“It seems appropriate that we kick off the redevelopment of this new, modern employment center during our bicentennial year -- this is truly an historic event for our city. Tuesday’s groundbreaking will mark the start of visible change that will transform this area from some unused buildings and an open field to another vibrant hub of activity in our downtown,” said Mayor Hamilton. 

The Dimension Mill will be one of the City’s signature building projects of the next 5 years. It is planned to be a bustling hub of innovation, entrepreneurial activity and should help drive Bloomington’s economy in the 21st century.  The building’s design and construction will emphasize sustainable practices that reflect the innovative spirit of the project.

Bloomington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) President Lynn Coyne commented, "The Trades District is one of the most important economic development projects within the City of Bloomington. It will advance the future of employment through the development and expansion of innovation-driven businesses and the creation of high-wage jobs. The BEDC is proud and grateful to have closely collaborated with the City in planning this project. Congratulations to the Mayor and the City of Bloomington for advancing this unique opportunity. It is a much-needed addition to the continued vitality of downtown Bloomington." 

In November of 2016 Tsuchiya Group announced plans to establish their North American design and development center and corporate headquarters in Bloomington’s Trades District. Tsuchiya Group is the North American corporate entity for TASUS Corporation, a supplier to the original equipment manufacturer automotive market. Increased interest from private development in the Trades District has followed that announcement.