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Jason Moore
Fire Chief


Bloomington Fire Department Captain Charged with Sexual Misconduct Resigns

Bloomington, Ind. -  Captain Robert Sears submitted his letter of resignation/retirement to the Administration Division of the Bloomington Fire Department today.  The City accepted his letter, in lieu of termination, effective immediately.  Sears is charged with two (2) Counts of Sexual Misconduct with a minor (level 4 Felony) and Child Solicitation (level 4 Felony) under Indiana Code § 35-42-4-9 and § 35-42-4-6. 

A special session of the Board of Public Safety scheduled for Monday has been cancelled as a result of Sears’ resignation, effectively ending his status as a sworn firefighter and City employee.  Having completed 20 years of service, Sears is entitled to receive his State pension. State statute does not allow that pension to be removed even for sworn firefighters charged with or prosecuted on felony charges.  

Chief Jason Moore issued the following statement regarding Sears’ resignation:  “The actions of Robert Sears have shaken the Department and the community we serve.  With his resignation, we will be able to quickly fill the vacancy his departure creates, allowing us to continue providing the excellent public safety services our community expects.”