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Mary Catherine Carmichael
Director of Public Engagement

Short-term Moratorium Proposal Dropped

Bloomington, Ind. - After exploring substance use disorder treatment options together, representatives from the City Council, administration and community partners chose not to put forth a short-term moratorium ordinance proposal for new substance use disorder treatment facilities at this time.

“Our first goal is to do no harm as we explore ways to ensure people with substance use disorders get the help they need with minimal unintended consequences for the broader community. We considered a short-term moratorium as a possible tool to give us time to fully explore the issues, but have determined it may not be the best approach at the present time.  We will continue to learn from experts in best practices in this area and work to apply those practices here in Bloomington,” commented Public Engagement Director Mary Catherine Carmichael.

City Council Member Isabel Piedmont-Smith, who worked with the mayor’s administration on the moratorium idea, said, “After further reflection and consultation with experts and social service providers, I realized that a short-term moratorium that included Medically-Assisted Treatment for substance use disorder would potentially do more harm than good. I will continue to work with the mayor’s administration, the county government, the state government, and experts in addiction treatment and related fields to address the legitimate concerns about zoning and unscrupulous practices that have been raised in our community.”