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Yaël Ksander
Communications Director

Overdose Death Locations Removed from City Website

Bloomington, Ind. -  At Mayor John Hamilton’s direction, overdose death location information has been removed from Bloomington Revealed, a City-run website that presents publicly available data related to a variety of municipal issues.

The decision to eliminate overdose death location information was made in response to concerns raised over the past week by some relatives and friends of those individuals who have died, and some social service providers.   

Bloomington Revealed was developed in 2017 out of a recommendation of the Safety, Civility, and Justice Task Force and in collaboration with social service and governmental entities.  The goal of the website is to provide quantitative baseline information about the issues of homelessness and addiction in our community to assist health care and public safety providers, researchers, and others providing services to those with substance use disorder.  Through Bloomington Revealed and the data portal B-Clear, the City shares over 130 data sets in a wider effort to present public data and seek community feedback in formulating policy and otherwise working to address community challenges.  

The mayor invites those concerned with these issues to contact him to discuss their concerns and make suggestions, by calling (812) 349-3406, or by sending an email to Residents are also encouraged to share their experiences and provide feedback at Bloomington Revealed.