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Bagged Leaf Collection
City of Bloomington Sanitation Department

Vacuumed Leaf Collection
City of Bloomington Street Department

2018 Curbside Fall Leaf Collection Starts in November

Bloomington, Ind. - The City of Bloomington Sanitation Department will begin residential leaf collection in November, with two options available to customers -- bagged leaf collection and curbside leaf vacuuming.  As an alternative, the City recommends that residents mulch or compost leaves to reduce waste and create useful fertilizer.

Bagged leaf collection will begin on Monday, November 5 and continue through Thursday, December 20.  Leaves bagged in biodegradable or paper bags should be placed on the curb by 5:00 a.m. for bi-weekly collection on residents’ current yard waste collection day. There is no charge for bagged leaf collection. Bags are available for purchase at local retailers, including hardware and grocery stores. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected.  

All other yard waste, including sticks, brush and limbs, must be separated from leaves and bagged or bundled.  Non-leaf yard waste will be assessed a collection fee of $1 per bag or bundle that will be added automatically to residents’ utility bill.  

Each bag or bundle of yard waste set out for collection, including bagged leaves, must weigh no more than 40 pounds.

Curbside leaf vacuuming will be offered Monday, November 5 through Friday, December 21. Residents should rake leaves as close to the curb as possible, but out of the roadway and not blocking fire hydrants.  There is no charge associated with curbside leaf vacuuming. Non-leaf waste cannot be vacuumed and should not be added to curbside leaf piles. Residents may access the vacuuming schedule for their neighborhood on an interactive map at the following site:  The leaf collection schedule will be adjusted for inclement weather.

Leaf collection equipment will be tested in neighborhoods between October 22 and November 2.  For residents opting to mulch or compost leaves, more information is available through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at