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Sean Starowitz, Assistant Director of Economic Development for the Arts, 812-349-3534,


New Mural Complete at 423 S. Washington Street

Bloomington, Ind. -  The Economic & Sustainable Development Department in collaboration with City of Bloomington Utilities recently commissioned a new mural by local artist Emily Wilson. “Waterways” features bodies of water that the city utilizes for community health and vitality, from neighborhood pools to Lake Monroe.

“I’m happy to see an unassuming building, such as this one where Utilities stores its archived documents, play host to a beautiful new mural that celebrates one of our most crucial infrastructure systems: water. This is an attractive and educational new addition to our public art collection,” commented Mayor John Hamilton.

“We’ve had a lot fun infusing civic infrastrastructure with public art projects, from the 3rd Street median to the traffic calming devices in the Near West Side. Wilson’s mural reflects the power the arts contribute by adding beauty to unconventional or overlooked locations in the city,” stated Assistant Director of Economic Development for the Arts, Sean Starowitz.

This mural is part of a larger effort put forth by the City of Bloomington Arts Commission (BAC) and its Public Art Master Plan for the City of Bloomington. The Plan has identified shared civic values for the arts, objectives and aspirations for public art and priorities for public art investment, which are designed to positively impact the creation of bold, innovative and impactful works of public art in performance, visual, literary, design and architecture disciplines.

For questions or concerns, please contact Sean Starowitz at 812-349-3534.