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Page last updated on January 19, 2024 at 4:38 pm

The Bloomington Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of police officer. Interested applicants should complete the online application form.


A $5,000 hiring bonus is now available for lateral transfer of certified police officers who have completed Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Tier 1 Basic Training or an out-of-state equivalent.


The salary for an Officer First Class is $68,184 in 2024; $70,161 in 2025; and $72,266 in 2026.

Officer First Class/Certified Officer Starting Salary: $68,184

Probationary Officer (First Year/Non-Certified): $63,683


*In addition to the salary listed above, the City shall also contribute four percent (4%) of the salary of a fully paid Officer First Class to the Public Employee Retirement Fund on behalf of each police officer. PERF pay is based on the salary of an Officer First Class + $2,500.


Longevity: A member shall receive annual longevity pay at the rate of $200 per year of service.


Housing Benefits:

Rental Assistance: $750/month benefit available to officers renting a residence inside the city limits of Bloomington upon start of employment.

Housing Purchase Down Payment Program: Non-probationary officers that purchase a home within the City limits will receive a $100,000 no-interest loan, paid over the course of 10 years, towards the purchase price of the home. At the conclusion of 10 years, officers will realize $100,000 in home equity.


Training: Officers shall receive training pay at the rate of $100 for every twenty (20) hours of training completed during the previous calendar year.

Training must be completed during the year for credit on next year's pay. Credit for training is not cumulative. In order to qualify for credit, any training must be approved by the Chief in advance of the training.


Professional and Command Classifications:

Professional pay is divided into three (3) levels.


Category 1 ($500) = School Liaison Officer, Training Instructor, Breath Analyzer, Canine Officer, Bike Patrol, Motorcycle Patrol, Civil Disturbance Unit, Accident Reconstructionist, Honor Guard, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), Downtown Resource Officer (DRO).


Category 2 ($1,000) = CIRT Officer, Hostage Negotiator, Dive Team


Category 3 ($1,600) = Detective, Field Training Officer (FTO)


A member may hold and be compensated for multiple specialties. A member shall maintain and/or hold any required certifications or continuing education to receive compensation for a specialty. A member shall not perform the duties of a specialty on a temporary or part-time basis without compensation per the guidelines of this Section.



Education pay divided into three (3) levels.


2 year degree = $600 per year

4 year degree = $1,200 per year

Masters, Law, or Doctorate degree = $1,600 per year


*Maximum for Training, Specialty, and Education Pay per year = $4,800


Other Compensation:

Unscheduled Duty Pay: Paid at time and a half per FLSA guidelines with a minimum of two hours of pay.

Annual Clothing Allotment: $500

Shift Differential Pay: Afternoons: $16 per week, Nights: $20 per week



Benefit Leave:

Vacation: 29 days per year (pro-rated first year)

One additional day of vacation added for each year of service between years 5 and 25. Maximum of fifty (50) vacation days per year.


Sick Leave: Unlimited sick leave with full-pay, in accordance with provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.



Thank you for your interest in the Bloomington Police Department. If you need additional information, please contact Captain Ryan Pedigo at

Learn more about the Bloomington Police Department and the city itself.