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Page last updated on December 16, 2021 at 1:48 pm

Sidewalks are a key component of the City of Bloomington's transportation system, allowing for increased mobility and an option for non-motorized transportation.  Due to heavy use, age and weather, sidewalks can become damaged and in need of repair.  Here you can find a complete overview of sidewalk repair information and requirements.  

Who Is Responsible for Repairing Sidewalks?

In accordance with the Bloomington Municipal code § 12.04.010, property owners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks adjacent to their properties in good repair.

If you have sidewalks that are in need of repair, you may receive a sidewalk notification letter from the City of Bloomington.  As part of this program and our effort to improve the condition of sidewalks in the community, the normal excavation permit fee will be waived. The City requests that the sidewalk repairs take place within ninety (90) days from the date this letter was postmarked.

In order to assist you with undertaking sidewalk repairs on your property, a listing of City of Bloomington approved and bonded concrete contractors is provided for your convenience.

If you have Questions or Need more Information:

Please contact Danny Bitner, Assistant Director of Street Operations or Danna Workman, Grant Coordinator,  City of Bloomington Street Department .  They can be reached at (812) 349-3448, or via e-mail.

Sidewalk Repair Assistance Program:

Homeowners within the City of Bloomington are invited to apply for funding to improve the sidewalk adjacent to their property.  Participation is open to those who own and occupy single-family homes in federally designated Community Development Block Grant areas within the corporate limits of Bloomington, and are current on payment of property taxes and other debts to the City.  In addition, the sidewalk must have a “poor” condition rating, as verified by City staff.

To learn more and see if you qualify for this program, please click here to visit the Sidewalk Repair Assistance Program website.