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Planting, maintenance, and removal of trees on city property, in the public right of way, and along city streets is provided by the City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department's Urban Forestry Program.

Bicentennial Community Tree Sale

Thank you, Bloomington! You have shown us just how much you love trees, and we are pleased and sorry to announce we are SOLD OUT of Bicentennial tulip trees. 

If you ordered a tulip tree, please make plans to pick it up at the City of Bloomington Operations Center, 345 S. Adams St., on Saturday, April 28 between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Delivery is not available.

Trees are our gift to future generations! Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment, now and in the future. Join us in celebrating the city's Bicentennial with the purchase of a tree to plant on your own property, or contribute to plant trees in city parks, at MCCSC schools, along city streets, and in the city's new Switchyard Park.

You can remember a loved one of honor someone special with the sponsorship of a Bicentennial Memorial Tree planted in a city park, or with a Bicentennial Tree on the iconic Courthouse Square.

Bicentennial Tulip Tree for Private Property

  • $30
  • 5'-6' tulip tree (from a local nursery) in a 3-gallon pot
  • 5-gallon bucket for watering your new tree, and mulch for the tree
  • tree planting instructions
  • Bicentennial tulip tree medallion

Trees must be ordered, either online or with the paper form, by April 23, 2018. Trees are available while supplies last. Orders will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bicentennial Tulip Tree for Parks and Schools
Order with a mail-in form.

  • $100
  • Contribute to help plant a tulip tree, Indiana's state tree, at a MCCSC school or in a City park
  • 12'-15' Bicentennial tulip tree planted by Bloomington Parks and Recreation
  • Sponsor receives certificate of recognition
  • School receives a Bicentennial tulip tree medallion

Bicentennial Tree for City Streets and Switchyard Park
Order with a mail-in form.

  • $500
  • 12'-20' tree to be planted on a city street or in the City's new Switchyard Park
  • Bloomington Parks and Recreation will choose the best species of tree for the site.
  • Trees will be planted in Switchyard Park, and where most needed along City streets.
  • Sponsor receives a certificate of recognition.

Bicentennial Memorial Tree in a City Park
Order with a mail-in form.

  • $1,600
  • 12'-20' tree to be planted in sponsor's choice of a City park, or let us choose a park that needs trees.
  • Sponsor may request species of tree to be planted.
  • Includes engraved 16" x 16" limestone plaque with Bicentennial logo next to tree.
  • Sponsor receives a certificate of recognition.

Bicentennial Tree on the Iconic Courthouse Square
Order with a mail-in form.

  • $2,000
  • Join the Bloomington Park Foundation's Downtown Square Tree Campaign to plant a new tree, or sponsor a tree already on or around the square.
  • Includes a 12" x 6" bronze plaque with Bicentennial log mounted at base of sponsored tree.
  • Limited number of trees and tree planting locations available.

For more information about the Bicentennial Community Tree Sale and Sponsorship program, contact Julie Ramey, Community Relations Manager, City of Bloomington Parks and recreation Department, 812.349.3719 or

For more information about purchasing a Memorial or Honorary Tree or for more information about making a donation to the Bloomington Tree Fund, contact Barb Dunbar at or 812.349.3498.

For technical information about Bloomington's urban forest, or to report a hazardous tree or tree problem in a city park, contact Lee Huss, urban forester, at or 812.349.3716.