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TO AMEND TITLE 7 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED “ANIMALS” -Re: Numerous Changes Resulting from a Periodic Review of Title 7 and Also Responding to HEA 1468 which Regulates “Puppy Mills”

This ordinance amends Title 7 of the Bloomington Municipal Code entitled “Animals” as a result a periodic review of the Title by the Animal Care and Control Commission (and the Commission’s counterpart in the County). It also responds to HEA 1468 (“Puppy Mill” Regulation), which allows localities to adopt more restrictive regulations, if they are adopted by ordinance before the end-of-the-year. In brief, the changes: impose a limit on the numbe of cats and dogs a person may own or harbor (19); eliminate the “major” and “minor” breede permit in favor of an “intact animal” and “litter” permit; add provisions to protect the consume and add provisions to assure the better treatment of animals. These changes affect chapter 7.01 (Definitions), 7.16 (Commercial Animal Establishment Permits), 7.21 (Kennel Permits), 7.22 (Breeders), 7.24 (Restraint), and 7.36 (Animal Care).

Amends CodeYes
Committee 2009-10-14 6-0-3 (Wiser, Satterfield, Volan)
Final 2009-10-21 Passed 7-0 Rollo, Wisler Absent